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What is the cheapest way to move a one-bedroom apartment cross-country?

September 25th, 2017 - 12:53 PM

How much does it cost to move a one-bedroom apartment?​

Moving a small apartment isn’t too difficult if you’re moving across town, but moving across the country, is an entirely different matter. For a long distance move, truck rental actually may not be the cheapest option — fuel, liability coverage and travel expenses can really add to the base truck rental rate. Instead, an option like U-Pack® may be cheaper. It’s a “you pack, we drive” service with affordable rates and convenient options. Find out how to get the cheapest rates and move a one-bedroom apartment with these helpful tips.

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shipping an apartment across country

Options for moving a one-bedroom apartment across the country

From equipment to additional services, U-Pack has several options to customize a move. The first choice is moving equipment — choose between ReloCube containers or the moving trailer.

  • ReloCubes are great for smaller moves like a one-bedroom apartment. Each container fits into a standard parking space, measuring 6’ x 7’ x 8’, and a small apartment should only need one or two containers You can reserve as many containers as you think you’ll need, but only pay for the ones you actually use. There’s no penalty for reserving an extra container, just in case.
  • The trailer has more flexibility. It may seem too big for an apartment (it’s 28’ long), but you only pay for the space you use, down to a 5-foot minimum. A typical one-bedroom apartment will fit into 6 or 7 linear feet, but you have the ability to use more if needed.

Learn more about choosing between trailers and moving containers.

While they come at an extra cost, you can add these services to any move:

  • Storage. If you aren’t ready to move in right away, store the shipment right in the same container used for moving. A moving consultant can provide a storage quote over the phone. Call us at 800-413-4799.
  • Guaranteed delivery. If you need everything to arrive at a specific date or a time window, add guaranteed delivery. We can walk through the options and choose the best time frame — just give us a call.
  • Loading or unloading help. Need some assistance moving in or out? A moving crew can help with a just few things or help with it all. We can refer crews in your area! 

The cheapest way to move a small apartment

While U-Pack prices are affordable and comparable to truck rental (especially after adding in fuel and other costs), we do offer a way to get the absolute cheapest move possible. We call it a terminal-to-terminal move  and it means you load and unload at a local service center. While it takes a little more work, the lower price may be worth it. Since there aren’t delivery or pick-up costs, a terminal-to-terminal move averages $300 less than a door-to-door move (this can vary based on how far the location is from the service center).

A U-Pack consultant can tell you where the nearest service center is and review options with you — just call 800-413-4799.

Tips for apartment moving

As you prepare to move from an apartment, keep these things in mind:

Check on parking

Make sure there is safe, legal parking for the moving equipment before moving day. If you plan on parking the equipment in the apartment lot, check with your property manager first. Most U-Pack moves have up to three days for loading and unloading, so in most cases, the equipment will be left overnight. If you plan on parking on the street, check with the city or local police department to see if a permit is required.

Note: Each ReloCube will need a standard parking space, while the moving trailer requires at least 40 feet of space, which is at least 5 side-by-side parking spaces or 3 car lengths.

Find out if you can reserve the elevator

If there’s a freight elevator, or multiple passenger elevators, contact the apartment manager to see if you can block off a time for using one. This will make moving furniture and boxes easier and faster.

Go over the lease

You may be entitled to a refundable security deposit, so make sure to check the requirements. And if you’re moving before the lease is up, you may be able to get out it if there are early termination clauses.

Have questions about moving a one-bedroom apartment?

Let us know in the comments if you would like more information about moving with U-Pack. We can go over options, provide a free no-obligation moving quote or find solutions for your move.

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