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What is the cheapest moving truck company?

October 26th, 2012 - 9:16 AM

Weekends were made for bargain hunting. Early Saturday morning yard sales are a bargain hunter’s dream. In preparation for a weekend of shopping great deals, let’s take a look at how to score great deals on cheap moving trucks with this week’s Flashback Friday.

What is the Cheapest Moving Truck Company?

If you’re wondering about the cheapest moving truck company, I'm guessing you're considering a self-move – because it’s no secret that full-service movers are known for being expensive. What if I told you that you could get an affordable self-move without driving an awkward, unreliable moving truck across the country? Well, let me tell you all about U-Pack® and how it just might be a better deal than any other cheap moving truck company you've found! Get a free moving quote, or keep reading to learn more.

U-Pack is more than just affordable – it is convenient!

U-Pack, We drive! Here’s what happens with U-Pack: you pack up all your stuff, we deliver a moving trailer or moving container to your house, you load it, we drive it to your new house, and you unload it. So, it’s similar to truck rental, but without the stress of having to drive an unfamiliar moving truck across the country. I can hardly merge on the interstate without hyperventilating; I sure don’t need to drive one of those!

U-Pack is often more reasonable than other moving truck companies! Get a quote!

Get a free moving quote from U-Pack and compare to other moving truck companies. I think you’ll find it’s the most affordable alternative to truck rental.

If at first glance it doesn’t seem like it’s the cheapest moving option, take a moment and look again. With U-Pack, there’s no extra charge for fuel, taxes or the driver, and there’s no down-payment or deposit. Just pay based on the space you use. With other cheap moving truck companies, there are several “extras” to factor in – especially if you’re talking about driving a rental truck yourself. Think about the cost of fuel, damage protection, highway tolls, hotel stays and food along the way – not to mention the time it takes to actually drive across the country. Moving trucks aren’t exactly the most fuel efficient vehicles out there; most average between 6-10 mpg. And when you factor in rising fuel costs, you’ve got a huge added cost. If you’re wondering how much fuel will cost for your moving truck, use U-Pack’s rental truck fuel calculator (Warning: sit down when you do this! The high price of fuel might knock you off your feet!).

Compare U-Pack to other moving truck companies!

U-Pack is the reasonable, stress-free alternative to using one of those cheap moving truck companies. Once you start comparing price and convenience, we think you’ll answer the question “What is the cheapest moving truck company?” with U-Pack!

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