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What if I need another ReloCube?

January 28th, 2008 - 1:24 PM

If you've already had a ReloCube dropped off at your home, and discover you need more space, we'll be happy to bring you another ReloCube. You pay the cost of the ReloCube along with a $150 charge to cover the additional delivery expense.  All you have to do is call U-Pack as soon as you know you need more space and we will arrange to have another ReloCube delivered.  Depending on the local terminal's schedule and the time of day you call, we will usually bring it to you the day of your request or the following business day.

Round Up!

Many people ask "How do I know how many ReloCubes I need?"  That can sometimes be a tough question, and not knowing exactly how much to expect to spend might be stressful. Based on the information you provide about the amount of items you are moving, we can help to narrow down the number of ReloCubes you need. You can also check out the Space Estimators on our website. Even with these moving tools, it still may be difficult to give a definitive answer because it all comes down to how you pack and load. So my advice is to round up! 

Let's say that you are on the line between needing two or three ReloCubes, but you really, really think you can fit into two. Order three!  This way they will all be delivered to your home for loading.  If you only use two, you will only be charged for two.  But if you do need more space this will save you the time of waiting on the third ReloCube.  It will already be there!