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What are the best moving companies for long-distance?

June 28th, 2012 - 3:37 PM

Moving long-distance is very different from moving down the street. You’ve likely already discovered that it requires a lot of planning: for delivery at your origin and destination, the logistics involved with getting your belongings to you in a timely manner, the requirements of each state you’re traveling to (not to mention the authority to transport your belongings across state lines). That’s why it’s so important to look to moving companies that specialize in long-distance moving.

Unfortunately, many times when you’re looking for the best moving companies for long-distance moves, you’ll come across primarily full-service movers. While it’s certainly a convenience to have someone do all of the work for you, it’s not always easy on the bank account. You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that moving long distance with a full-service mover can be super expensive.

The good news is, there are other options – specifically U-Pack Moving. It’s the “self-move” alternative where you save money by doing the loading and unloading, and save stress by letting professionals do the driving. Hands-down, one of the best moving companies for long-distance.

How does U-Pack work?
Like I mentioned, U-Pack is different from the traditional moving company. In fact, many customers say it’s even better. Here’s why: we drop off a moving trailer or moving container to your home. You pack and load your items. We drive it to your new home (we can store it too). Then we deliver it to your new home and you unload it! But that’s not all... U-Pack offers plenty of perks. Here are just a few:

Pay based on the space you use, not the weight of your shipment. That means no worries of renting a too-big truck and paying for wasted space. Also, no trying to estimate the weight of your items. You know exactly what your price is as you load.

Your belongings are never co-mingled with other households. They’re the only household goods on the trailer. If you don’t fill the entire moving trailer, we may add palletized, boxed or crated commercial good that is traveling in the same direction. No worrying about getting shipments mixed up, or getting bugs or other “ickies” from other household goods shipments.

Your belongings are never transferred. When you move with a full-service mover, there’s a high liklihood that your goods will be taken off of the moving truck and loaded into another one at some point. Studies show that the more times items are handled, the more likely they are to sustain damage. When you load into a U-Pack trailer or ReloCube, it stays right where you load it until you unload at the destination (even if you choose storage).

There’s no down-payment or deposit. This is huge for a lot of people in the process of moving – and it’s one of the things that puts U-Pack at the top of people’s “best moving companies for long distance” list. You don’t have to pay a thing until your shipment is loaded and you know exactly how much space you’ve used.

Here’s what you can expect from a U-Pack long-distance move

It’s fast.  With U-Pack, most transit times are 2-5 business days, compared to 21+ days for other companies.

It’s safe. Your items are only handled by you, so there is less chance for damage. Also, our transportation provider, ABF Freight System, Inc., has an excellent reputation for safety. In fact, ABF is the only six-time winner of the ATA President's Trophy for Safety and the only five-time winner of the ATA Excellence in Security Award.

It’s stress-free.  U-Pack’s knowledgeable moving specialists will help you plan and coordinate your move from start to finish.  And, since we do the driving, there’s no need to stress about driving a moving truck across the country.

Go U-Pack, for a fast, safe, and stress free move

How much does it cost to move long-distance with U-Pack?
Get a free moving quote to see your price instantly, or call 800-413-4799 to speak with a helpful U-Pack moving specialist. You’ll find it’s the affordable alternative to traditional long-distance moving companies. More questions about what the best moving companies are for long-distance moving? Leave a comment below, we’ll be happy to help.