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U-Pack vs. U-Haul

March 11th, 2016 - 10:33 AM

How does U-Haul® Rental compare to U-Pack®?

When you put the two side by side, you'll find that U-Pack is a better way to move. If you’re looking for DIY moving, look at how the two stack up. Not only do we do the driving, but since our prices include fuel, you don't have to worry about extras adding to your cost. We’re here to show you an affordable, easier alternative to U-Haul rental. When you compare U-Pack and U-Haul, you'll see how U-Pack comes out ahead in just about every area.

U-Haul Rental compared to U-Pack

U-Haul quotes compared to U-Pack

To compare quotes, you'll have to get estimates from both companies. You can get a price from U-Pack online or by calling 800-413-4799. Visit www.uhaul.com to get a truck rental quote from U-Haul. As you compare U-Haul quotes to U-Pack, remember that your quotes cover different things.

  • U-Pack quotes include the moving equipment, time to load and unload, a professional driver, and equipment delivery door-to-door, along with fuel, taxes, and tolls. There's never a down payment or deposit required, and you pay once your move is in transit.
  • U-Haul quotes include the equipment rental for the allowed mileage and set number of days you have to move. You'll pay for the total U-Haul rental price when you pick up the truck, and if you're paying with cash, you'll also have to pay a deposit.

If you have questions about how our quotes compare to U-Haul quotes, call 800-413-4799 to talk with a helpful moving specialist.

How do the services compare?

This is probably the biggest area of difference between the two companies. U-Haul is a complete DIY service where you do all the work while U-Pack is a "you pack, we drive" service.

Here's how moving with U-Haul works:

  • You rent the truck or trailer from a U-Haul location. According to www.uhaul.com, U-Haul offers six truck rental sizes, and you have to rent the entire truck, even if you don't completely fill it.

  • You drive the truck home, load your belongings inside, and hit the road.

  • You drive the U-Haul to your new home.

  • Along the way, you'll have to pay for fuel, tolls, liability coverage and other travel costs. You have a set number of days included in the U-Haul rental price, so make sure you stay on schedule.

  • You unload the truck, and return it to a U-Haul location.

  • U-Haul offers truck rental throughout the U.S. and Canada. U-Haul locations are franchised and could be stand-alone locations, or they could be part of other businesses such as auto repair shops, gas stations, or storage facilities. Read more about U-Haul locations.

  • There are no storage options available with U-Haul rental trucks. If you want to store, you'll have to unload your belongings into a U-Haul storage facility.

  • U-Haul also has U-Box containers, which are wooden containers covered with tarps. Read more about the U-Box.

Here's how moving with U-Pack works:

  • We bring the moving equipment to you.

  • We offer two types of equipment: the moving trailer and the ReloCube®; just choose the equipment option that works best for your needs.

    • Cubes are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ metal moving containers. They’re great for areas with limited parking – they fit into a standard parking space. You can use as many Cubes as you need, and you only pay for the Cubes you use

    • Trailers are 28’ x 8’ x 9’, with loading space that’s equivalent to a 26’ U-Haul truck plus a 10’ U-Haul truck. Don’t let the size overwhelm you! Trailers are perfect for moves of any size. You can use as little as just five feet of space in the trailer, or up to the entire trailer. You only pay for the space you use.

  • You get three business days to load your belongings inside.
  • We drive your belongings to your new home. Transit times average just 2-5 business days, or you can add Guaranteed Transit if you need expedited service or a guaranteed delivery date.
  • You get three business days to unload.
  • U-Pack services all 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii), Puerto Rico and Canada.
  • Options to add storage to your move are available for both the trailer and the Cube. And because your items are stored inside the container, just as you loaded it, you don’t have to unload multiple times.

So you can see, when you look at U-Haul vs. U-Pack, you're not comparing apples to apples. The equipment is different, the services are different, and what's included is different. If you're looking to move without hassle, U-Pack is the clear winner.

Are there any extra fees for U-Haul? What about U-Pack?

  • The only “extra” costs with U-Pack would be if you added storage or guaranteed service to your move.

  • U-Haul rental prices only include the cost of renting the truck. In other words, on top of your U-Haul quote, you’ll pay additional costs to add fuel, sales tax, road tolls, and damage coverage to calculate your final price.  If you need to purchase extra mileage, extra days, or add extra drivers, those are also additional costs. These costs can really add up – for example, just the cost of fuel could almost double your moving expense. You can see what the cost of fuel will be for your trip with our moving truck gas calculator

U-Pack vs. U-Haul: Which to choose?

The details are clear: U-Pack is simply the better way to move. The service is easier than driving a truck - and the price of fuel is included. To see what your move will cost, click for a free moving quote. Why drive a rental truck when you can move easily and affordably with U-Pack?

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