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U-Pack vs. U-Haul

July 30th, 2018 - 10:31 AM

Compare U-Pack® and U-Haul®

At first glance, U-Pack and U-Haul may seem similar. But while both companies offer some version of do-it-yourself moving services, there are actually several differentiators. U-Haul is do-everything-yourself, while U-Pack is a “you pack, we drive” service. As you take a closer look, you’ll see what sets U-Pack apart. Look at how each company handles moving, equipment, pricing and fees. 

U-Haul truck compared to U-Pack trailer

Moving services

The most significant difference between the two companies is the amount of work you’re responsible for. 

With U-Haul, you:

  • Pack your belongings
  • Rent the truck from a local center
  • Pick up the equipment, drive it home and load your belongings
  • Drive the truck to the new home, pay for fuel, tolls and other travel costs along the way
  • Unload
  • Fill it up with fuel one more time and return it to a U-Haul location 

For storage, you’ll unload from the rental truck into a storage facility, then load back up to deliver everything to the new home. 

With U-Pack, you:

  • Pack your belongings
  • Load over three business days
  • Unload over three business days

While we:

  • Bring the moving equipment to you 
  • Pick up the shipment and drive it to the new home (transit times average just 2-5 business days)
  • Pick up the empty equipment

If you need storage, you can store in the U-Pack equipment at a local service center — no transferring any belongings.

U-Pack makes moving easier since you don’t have to pick up or return a truck, drive it across the country, or pay extra for fuel. Learn more about how a U-Pack move works


Both companies offers two types of equipment: trucks/trailers and portable storage containers. Take a look at how they compare: 

Trucks vs. trailers

There are six U-Haul truck sizes, ranging from a 10-foot truck designed for a studio apartment to a 26-foot truck designed for a four-bedroom home. You choose which one is best based on the amount you’re moving. 

U-Pack trailers are a little different. They are 28’ x 8’ x 9’ (about the size of a 26-foot truck plus a 10-foot truck). You can use a minimum of five linear feet or up to the entire trailer. With U-Pack, you don’t have worry about which size to get, you can just use the space you need.


U-Haul containers are called U-Box containers, and they’re wooden tarp-covered boxes that you can either tow yourself or have U-Haul transport. They are 8’ x 5; x 7.5’ (LWH) and U-Haul says they hold about one and a half rooms worth of belongings. 

U-Pack has ReloCubes, which are metal, weatherproof containers that are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ (each one holds the furniture and belongings for one room). You can use multiple Cubes, and you only pay for the ones you use. U-Pack delivers Cubes door to door, just like the moving trailer option. 

Read more about U-Box vs. U-Pack

Moving quotes: U-Pack vs. U-Haul

How do all of these different equipment options and moving services compare when it comes to price? And what do the rates include? 

What U-Haul quotes include

A U-Haul quote for a long-distance move includes the equipment for a set number of days and miles (based on the distance). You pay for the entire rental at pickup, and if paying with cash, there’s a deposit required. Learn more about U-Haul rates here

What U-Pack quotes include

U-Pack rates are based on where you’re moving to/from, the move date and the amount of stuff you’re moving. A U-Pack quote includes the moving equipment, time to load and unload, transportation (including door-to-door delivery), fuel, tolls and liability coverage. There’s no down payment or deposit — you pay once the move is in transit.

Which is better: U-Pack or U-Haul?

U-Pack is easier than driving a rental truck, and since the price of fuel is included, it’s often comparable or cheaper for a long-distance move. Check rates for your move with a free moving quote. You might be surprised how affordable it is to move without having to drive.

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