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U-Pack vs. Pack-Rat®

June 27th, 2016 - 3:41 PM

Compare 1-800-Pack-Rat to other moving and storage companies

If you’re doing research before a move, you probably want to see how the options for long distance moving stack up. While comparing price is always important, so is comparing service, moving options (like storage) and equipment. When you know what each company offers, it’s easier to choose the one that fits your needs. If you’ve researched Pack-Rat, you may think it’s pretty similar to other moving companies; however, the contrasts are in the details. See how 1-800-Pack-Rat compares to other moving services like U-Pack.

pack-rat storage and moving

Moving and storage offerings

When it comes to their basic services,1-800-Pack-Rat has a lot in common with other moving container companies. They deliver a metal moving container to your home, and you pack, load and unload (or they can recommend loading/unloading assistance). Storage is also available if needed.

In a similar fashion, U-Pack delivers a moving container or trailer is to your door, you pack and load (or we can refer you to experienced helpers for loading and unloading), and we deliver to the door at your destination. You get up to three business days to load and unload, and storage is available.

When you compare 1-800-Pack-Rat vs. PODS®, there isn’t much difference either. All of these companies offer moving containers dropped off at your home with optional storage. But the similarities end with the basic service.

Compare Pack-Rat storage prices​

Because each moving and storage service calculates rates differently, it can be a bit difficult to compare apples-to-apples. U-Pack rates depend on where you’re moving to/from, how much you’re moving and when you’re moving. And if you need to add  services like storage or guaranteed delivery, they are additional charges. 1-800-Pack-Rat storage and moving rates depend on similar factors, and their long-term storage rates vary.  

Along with comparing prices, it’s also important to compare how easy it is to get a quote. 1-800-Pack-Rat allows you to start a quote online; however, once they verify serviceability, you’ll have to call to get a price. U-Pack provides instant online moving quotes. Though speaking with a knowledgeable moving consultant is helpful, it’s not required. With U-Pack, you have the option of communicating online or by phone (800-413-4799) — whichever works for you!

Pack-Rat moving container sizes

1-800-Pack-Rat moving containers come in three sizes, and only two, the 8 ft. and 16 ft., are for long-distance moving (the 12 ft. container is for local moves only). Regarding space, the 8 ft. is said to hold about one room's worth of furniture, the 12 ft. Pack-Rat moving container holds about 1-2 rooms', and the 16 ft. holds 3-4 rooms. You pay for the entire container regardless of how much space you use. Take a look at the container dimensions below for more information:

Pack Rat container sizes
1-800-Pack-Rat container sizes

U-Pack provides ultimate space flexibility — choose between moving in a moving trailer or ReloCube. With the trailer, you pay only for the space you use. Load into as little as five linear feet (which typically holds a studio apartment), or as much as the entire 28 ft. trailer. If you need even more space, it’s still available, just pay for the space you need in a second moving trailer. The ReloCube is a metal, weatherproof container measuring 6’ x 7’ x 8’ (externally). One container typically holds a studio apartment and you can reserve as many as you think you’ll need and only pay for the ones you use. That means if you reserve three and use two, you only pay for two!

ReloCube compared to Pack Rat Container

U-Pack container size

U-Pack vs. Pack Rat — locations and service area

1-800-Pack-Rat offers local and long-distance moving services. The service area covers 33 states and one Canadian Province (covering 64 markets).  While they have facilities in larger cities, such as PhoenixChicago and Portland, they’re unable to offer delivery in many rural locations or in most areas of Canada. There are several states without Pack-Rat availability — KansasAlaska and Hawaii to name a few.

U-Pack offers long-distance moving services to all 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii). There are more than 230 service centers nationwide, with service extending to Puerto Rico and Canada. U-Pack covers most of the United States through direct service. You can check serviceability to your location with a U-Pack moving quote.

Compare Pack-Rat reviews to U-Pack

While we’ve had difficulty finding consumer reviews online of 1-800-Pack-Rat overall, there are some local service centers on local review sites. It’s always a good practice to search reviews out for any moving service you’re considering. Try sites like yelp.com, the BBB or even social media channels. Ask friends for Pack-Rat reviews or complaints if you know people who have used their service before.

U-Pack has excellent customer service and knowledgeable moving consultants. To learn more about the experience moving with U-Pack, check out reviews at movingscam.com (they endorse U-Pack as a reputable mover), the Better Business Bureau (U-Pack has an A+ rating) and our social channels.

Compare the time it takes to complete your move

One of the biggest factors that may impact your decision for a self-move company is the time it takes to complete a move. With 1-800-Pack-Rat, it can take up to 30 days from start to finish. 1-800-Pack-Rat typically gives 10 days to load and 10 days to unload (leaving the container parked at your location on each end). Transit time is estimated at 10 days from the time they pick up the container until it gets delivered to your home. If you store items at a 1-800-Pack-Rat location, it could also take about 10 days for items to arrive (after you call to say you’re ready to have your stuff delivered).

U-Pack gives three business days for loading and three business days for unloading, which most customers find is plenty of time.  If you don’t need three full days, you can schedule pickup for the next day, with same-day pickup also available in some areas. If you need a little longer, you can arrange to have the equipment over the weekend for extra loading time. Transit times average 2-5 business days for most moves, which means your move will likely be completed in just a week or two. You can get settled in quickly instead of waiting for your belongings.

U-Pack history compared to 1-800-Pack-Rat history

The first Pack-Rat locations opened in 2003, and they have grown to provide service through their current locations.

U-Pack was created in 1997 as a way to revolutionize the moving industry. The primary transportation provider for U-Pack is ABF Freight® — one of the nation’s most reputable carriers and the only seven-time winner of the American Trucking Association’s Excellence in Security Award.

More ways to compare U-Pack to 1-800-Pack-Rat

Take a look at this easy-to-read chart to compare these two companies in more detail.

Pack Rat & U-Pack Comparison

When you compare features, U-Pack has faster delivery times, no deposit required, a larger service area, and you pay after your move, not before.

Looking to save on your move?

If you've found a 1-800-Pack-Rat promo code, you may also be looking for savings on U-Pack. U-Pack has several money-saving options including loading or unloading at the service center nearest you, using less space, and moving on an off-peak day. We also offer student discounts, military discounts and a discount for reserving moves online. If you're trying to match a price to your 1-800-Pack-Rat moving cost, give us a call. A U-Pack moving consultant can make sure you're getting the best rate available. 

Go U-Pack!

U-Pack is the service customers continually choose for moving and storage. Many U-Pack customers choose us because of price — friendly customer service and flexibility help, too.

Start by getting a free moving quote online — or call 800-413-4799 to speak with a moving consultant. We’ll help coordinate your move every step of the way.

If you have any questions about how U-Pack compares to 1-800-Pack-Rat, please let us know!


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