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U-Pack vs. Pack-Rat®

May 23rd, 2018 - 9:46 AM

How does 1-800-Pack-Rat compare to U-Pack?

Portable storage containers are one of the easiest ways to move. They’re simple to load, there’s no driving required, and most portable storage companies offer ways to customize your move. But how do you narrow down the options to find the best solution? One of the easiest ways is to compare two services side-by-side. Take a look at 1-800-Pack-Rat® and U-Pack® and compare the options from each company — their moving and storage options, container sizes, locations and more — to find the right fit for your move.   

pack-rat container sizes


A quick look at the service options 

One of the biggest differences between U-Pack and 1-800-Pack-Rat is that U-Pack specializes in long-distance moving, while Pack-Rat does both long-distance and local moves. The long-distance service works similarly for each company: both deliver a metal moving container to your home, you pack and load (or use loading/unloading help), and then the containers are delivered to the new home. Storage is available if needed. 

But while the basic service is similar, there are some notable differences. Here’s an overview of how the two options stack-up:

compare U-Pack and Pack-Rat moving

Compare Pack-Rat container sizes

Pack-Rat has three container sizes: the 8-foot, the 12-foot and the 16-foot (all sizes may not be offered in every location or for both types of moving, so check for availability). 

•    The 8-foot container holds 1-2 rooms of furniture with around 400 cubic feet of space
•    The 12-foot container holds 2-3 rooms with around 620 cubic feet of space
•    The 16-foot Pack-Rat container holds 3-4 rooms of furniture with 830 cubic feet of space

You can use multiple containers, but make sure you need them before they’re delivered. Once the containers are brought out, you are charged for them. Take a look at the container dimensions below for more detail. 

Pack Rat container sizes

U-Pack has two different types of equipment: ReloCube containers and moving trailers. You have flexibility with either option. The ReloCube is the portable moving container option, and is most similar to a Pack-Rat container. Each Cube is 6’ x 7’ x 8’ (336 cubic feet) and will hold the contents of a studio apartment, or one furnished room. You can reserve as many as you think you need, but pay only for the ones you actually use. For example, if you have three Cubes brought to your home, but only use two, you only pay for two. 

With the trailer, you pay only for the space you use. Load into as little as five linear feet (typically the space needed for a studio apartment) or as much as the entire 28 foot trailer (or get a second trailer for a very large home). 

Wondering how U-Pack and Pack-Rat compare to PODS®? Check out this comparison

Delivery and loading time 

One detail that can really make a difference in choosing a moving company is transit time. Pack-Rat provides use of a container for one month, while U-Pack delivers the containers directly — with transit times averaging just 2-5 business days. 

Loading time differs between the companies as well. Because Pack-Rat rents containers for a total of 30 days, you can use as much time as you need to load and unload, as long as the container can be transported and returned within the 30 day limit. U-Pack gives you three business days to load and unload in most locations. We’ve found that three days is plenty of time to load and unload, and it helps you move faster. If you need a little more time, have your equipment delivered on a Thursday or Friday and you can keep it over the weekend. 

If you need help loading or unloading, both companies can refer you to a network of moving crews.

Pack-Rat price information 

Each company calculates prices differently. 

U-Pack rates depend on where you’re moving to/from, how much you’re moving and when you’re moving. There’s no deposit or down payment, and payment isn’t due until the shipment is in transit — after you’ve loaded and know how much you’ve used. 

1-800-Pack-Rat storage and moving rates depend on similar factors, and their long-term storage rates vary. A $500 deposit is due the day prior to delivery, and you pay before transportation happens. 

Wondering how a sample move stacks up? Take a look at this move from Nashville, TN to Dallas, TX for a 2-bedroom home:

•    With U-Pack, two ReloCube containers (672 cubic feet) would cost $1,561, with an estimated transit time of 2-4 business days.  
•    The Pack-Rat price for one 16-foot container (620 cubic feet) would be $1,975, and the transit time would be a maximum of 10 business days. 

Ready to check prices for your move? With Pack-Rat, you can start the quote process online, but then you have to call to complete it. U-Pack provides a free moving quote entirely online (or you call 800-413-4799 if you prefer to speak with someone). 

Looking to save on your move?

If you've found a 1-800-Pack-Rat promo code, you may also be looking for savings on U-Pack. U-Pack has several money-saving options including loading or unloading at the nearest service center, using less space, and moving on an off-peak day. Save $25 with the promo code BLOG25, and save an additional $25 by reserving online. We also offer student discounts and military discounts. 

Service area

Pack-Rat moving has locations in 31 states and Washington D.C., covering 62 markets. States currently without coverage include Alaska, Hawaii, Montana and Alabama. 

U-Pack services all 50 states (including Alaska and Hawaii) with more than 230 service centers nationwide. Service also extends into Puerto Rico and Canada. Most of the United States has direct door-to-door service. Check your location with a U-Pack quote

Pack-Rat storage options

Both companies have options for storage — both short- and long-term. With both, items are stored in  the container where they were loaded. Rates vary depending on location and the number of containers, and could be affected by seasonality. 

Read U-Pack and Pack-Rat reviews

It’s always a good practice to check customer reviews, especially before a big purchase like a move. Try sites like yelp.com, the Better Business Bureau or social media to hear from actual customers. 

U-Pack is known for excellent customer service and knowledgeable moving consultants. To learn more about the moving experience, check out reviews at movingscam.com (they endorse U-Pack as a reputable mover), the Better Business Bureau (U-Pack has an A+ rating) and our social channels.

Have questions about moving with Pack-Rat or U-Pack?

Leave a comment below or call us at 800-413-4799. We’re here to help!


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