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U-Haul Rates

March 20th, 2017 - 2:04 PM

How U-Haul rates affect moving costs

When considering moving long distance in a U-Haul truck, it’s important to understand what service options are built in to the advertised rate. Unless you’re getting everything you need, you may end up spending more than planned. While mileage, days and equipment are accounted for, they’re limited. And things that aren’t included can significantly add to overall costs. Staying within budget is important, so make sure you understand what’s included before reserving a move.

Mileage and rental time are factored into U-Haul rates.

What do U-Haul long distance rates include?

When you get a one-way rental quote from U-Haul, you’ll see the price and some details about the move. You may be wondering how they got to your price — what  did they consider? Explore the rate factors below to learn the details.

Price per day

U-Haul doesn’t have a set price per day for long distance moves. Instead, there is a bundled price for the entire move that is based on your origin and destination locations, the equipment size and the number of days you’re allotted.

Mileage rates

Your quote will include a set number of miles based on the origin and destination. For example, a move from Chicago to Salt Lake City, UT comes with a total of 1,652 miles. According to Google Maps, the trip is around 1,400 miles, so you’ll need to keep any detours to less than 252 miles. If you go over, there is a $0.40 per mile charge.

Rental time

Similar to mileage, long distance moves come with a set number of days. The example from Chicago to Salt Lake City comes with 5 days of use, which includes loading time, travel and unloading time. Traveling 1,400 miles will take approximately 3 days (driving 9 hours per day at an average speed of 50-55 mph — U-Haul recommends a maximum speed of 65 mph). This means you’ll only have a day to load and unload. Additional days can be added ahead of time for $40 per day.   

Additional costs

While there are many additional things that can add to the overall rental rate (liability coverage, taxes, moving supplies, etc.), the main extra to be aware of during a long distance truck rental is fuel. For the move from Chicago to Salt Lake City, fuel would cost an additional $460 at current fuel prices, according to the rental truck fuel calculator. And don’t forget that you have to return the truck with the same amount of fuel as it had at pickup, which may mean paying for an additional fill-up at the end of the trip!

A closer look at the example move

Now that we’ve covered the factors to consider when moving long distance with U-Haul, let’s look at the Chicago to Salt Lake City move in more detail.

Let’s say you decide to take a side trip to visit family along the way and need more days and miles. If you needed to add two extra days, that will add $80, and if you need an additional 100 miles, that would add $40. You’ll also have more fuel for the additional mileage, coming to around $30, bringing the total of this entire trip to $3,670. Knowing how these costs add up can help you make a better decision about the moving company you choose. 

Compare long distance moving rates

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