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U-Haul Prices

February 20th, 2017 - 3:56 PM

What extra costs do I need to factor into U-Haul® prices?

U-Haul quotes include pricing for the truck size you request, the pick-up and drop-off locations you’ll be using, and the date you wish to move. But there are several other factors that contribute to the overall price.

U-Haul extra costs include moving blankets.

Things that can impact your U-Haul price

Take a closer look at these extra expenses as you consider truck rental. While some are optional, like moving blankets and furniture dollies, others, like fuel and taxes, will factor into every move.

Tow dollies and car trailers

If you have more vehicles than drivers, you may need to tow a car. U-Haul offers both trailers and dollies for an additional charge. The type of dolly or trailer available for rental depends on the model of vehicle you’re moving (i.e. the tow dolly is limited to front-wheel drive vehicles). Rates for tow dollies and car trailers vary based on equipment type.   

Cargo and utility trailers

If you run out of room in your rental truck, and need additional space, you may need to add a cargo or utility trailer. Similar to a car trailer, this is an added charge that varies based on the equipment you select. Cargo and utility trailers range from the smallest, with a capacity of 45 cubic feet, to the largest with a capacity of 396 cubic feet.

Furniture dollies

U-Haul has three different options for dolly rental or purchase:  a utility dolly, furniture dolly and appliance dolly. Depending on what you’re moving, you might need one type or all three. Dolly rental is not included in your U-Haul price, however, you can request it when you get an online quote.

Moving blankets, boxes and furniture pads

U-Haul also offers boxes and moving supplies in addition to your truck rental. Furniture pads are available for rental or purchase, and supplies like boxes, box tape, paper padding, mattress bags and moving blankets are available for purchase.

Loading or unloading help

If you need assistance with your move, U-Haul offers movers in several markets throughout the United States. The added cost for a crew is based on the number of movers you need and how long you use them.


U-Haul can also help you arrange storage if you need it. Storage rates vary by how much storage space you use and the location.


If you’re moving long distance, fuel can be one of the largest added costs. Your U-Haul quote doesn’t include fuel, but you can figure out what to expect by using the rental truck fuel calculator. Simply enter the locations you’re moving from and to, and you’ll get an estimate based on current national fuel averages.

Damage protection

While damage protection is elective, it’s often recommended. U-Haul currently offers two levels of protection for an additional charge: Safemove® and Safemove Plus®. Without the coverage, the person renting the truck would be responsible for reimbursing U-Haul in the event of damage (up to the full value of the truck).


The base rate included in an online quote doesn’t include taxes. The local U-Haul location should be able to tell you the tax rates to factor in.

Want to avoid the extra costs that come with U-Haul rental?

Adding extra equipment, supplies and services can have a big impact on your U-Haul price. If you’re worried about going over budget, go U-Pack®. A U-Pack move includes the extras like fuel, taxes and liability coverage — and since U-Pack does all the driving, there’s no need to tow a car!  U-Pack also offers storage and can refer you to loaders or unloaders if you need assistance with loading and unloading. And, if you need moving boxes and supplies, we can deliver them right to your door with FREE shipping! Get a similarly priced move without having to do all the work.

Check out how you can move with U-Pack by getting a free moving quote!

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