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The unpacking order. Where to start first.

August 22nd, 2011 - 2:59 PM

There are moving boxes everywhere!  Where to begin?  Though at first sight it may seem overwhelming, there are things you can do to make the unpacking process go a little smoother.  First, if you're reading this BEFORE you start packing, the one thing you can do to have the most impact on unpacking day is label your boxes. Trust me. You'll be glad you did.  So, when you're packing silverware and kitchen utensils, write "Kitchen/Silverware/Utensils" on the box.  Easy enough.  Now when you're unloading boxes, you'll know what room to place them in.  And when you start unpacking, you'll know where to start first.

Unless you've got life circumstances that require otherwise, let me offer a piece of advice:  prepare to take your time through the unpacking process.  It usually takes several days (maybe even weeks) to get everything situated where you want it.  Don't put too much pressure on yourself. But, do give yourself a deadline so that six months later you're not still tripping over boxes. 

So, now for the real work:  here are some tools and supplies you may want to have readily available on unpacking day.  I recommend preparing a box (that's easy to locate) that contains these items:

  • Utility knife/scissors – handy for opening boxes.
  • Screwdriver, hex keys, hammer and nails – for furniture assembly and installing shelves or hooks in closets
  • Trash bags and a recycle bin – you'll need these to dispose of cardboard boxes and other packing materials.
  • Household Cleaners – Unpacking day is a good time to wipe things down before you put them in the place they'll be for a while.
  • Shelf/Cabinet liners – If you prefer cabinet/drawer liners do it before you unpack. If you don't, you probably won't go back and do it later.
  • MP3 player and headphones – though music isn't a necessity, it will certainly make the time spent unpacking a little more fun.

Now the big questions are, "What's the best unpacking order?" "Where should I start first?"  My suggestion is to figure out what rooms and items you use most, and start there.  Most people set up their bedroom first (for a good night's sleep) then move to the kitchen and bathroom.  Just remember that you don't have to empty every box right away. Start with the things you need immediately.  After the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are livable, I prefer to go ahead and set up the TV and entertainment system. After a long day of unpacking, I think you'll like being able to sit back and relax with a good movie.  

The last thing I recommend unpacking is the garage— unless there are tools you need right away.  Before you start on the garage, think about shelving you might want to add, and the most efficient way to arrange things.  Hang things on the walls when you can— just make sure it's still accessible when you need it.

Finally, when you get all of the necessities unpacked, start on the decorations. Hang pictures on the walls, find a place for your favorite trinkets and make your new house a home.

Doing your own packing and unpacking is a great way to save money moving!  Call 800-413-4799 for a free moving quote! If you've got tips for making unpacking easier, share them with us.