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The Price to Move

June 26th, 2008 - 9:04 AM

It's all in the price – Avoid a moving scam

When looking at your moving contract (or Bill of Lading) it is all about the details of the moving price.  The main focus is what's included and how it can change. 

Before signing your contract, you'll want to have a clear understanding of the following:

  • What happens if you end up using more or less space (or weight with some companies)?
  • Is there a maximum or minimum moving price?  
  • What services are included in the moving contract?  Are packing/loading/unloading services included? Are moving boxes and packing materials included? Is the company providing door-to-door service?
  • What is the liability coverage or insurance – an explanation should always be included on your contract.
  • What are the payment terms?  How much do you have to pay up front? Is a deposit required? Can you pay the full amount at destination or during transit? Is there a charge for changing your move date? What is the cancellation policy?

If there is something in the contract you don't understand, never hesitate to ask questions.  If you can't get answers to these questions – it's probably a good idea to steer clear of the moving company.

Now… for how U-Pack does it:

  • The moving price is based on the amount of space (or number of ReloCubes) used – never the weight. The contract will provide an absolute minimum price (5 ft.) and a per foot adjustment rate that can be added or subtracted based on the amount of space used.
  • The price does not include packing/loading/unloading services, but we can refer you to loading in unloading help if you need assistance.
  • The price does not include boxes bundles – you can purchase them from our box store, and get free shipping on all orders!
  • We require a credit card for reservation, but a deposit or down payment is not required.  No hold is put on your credit card at the time of reservation. We'll wait to charge it after your belongings are loaded and you know exactly how much space you need.
  • There's no cancelation fee unless you cancel within one week of the scheduled move date (the date we're scheduled to bring the equipment for loading). If you cancel within a week of the move, there is a $50 cancelation fee and a $150 cancelation fee if you cancel on the same day of the move.  
  • A sample Bill of Lading is available for review at upack.com.