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The Cheapest Way to Move Out of State

April 23rd, 2018 - 10:20 AM

Explore cheap options for moving to another state​

Moving out of state on a budget can seem like quite the undertaking if you’re not familiar with the process. You have to figure out things like the best way to pack, load and transport belongings and how you’ll travel to your new destination without spending more than planned. Follow these simple steps to find the cheapest moving option, and learn how to get the best rates for your move. 

how to move out of state

How to move out of state

1. Compare the cheapest moving options

Moving services range from full-service (have it all done for you) to complete do-it-yourself. But in the middle of those two extremes, there’s an option where you do the packing and loading, but don’t have to drive. If you’re focused on finding the cheapest rates, take a look at these comparisons; you might be surprised at which option is cheapest.

For this comparison move, we are using a two-bedroom home going from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN. It’s important to note that moving rates can change daily and fluctuate based on locations, when the move is taking place, and the size of the move.

Bekins Van Lines® example cost

Full-service moves include everything — packing, loading, driving and unloading — so it’s common for it to be the most expensive. Though Bekins Van Lines is known for full-service moving, they also offer an option where customers can do their own packing to save money. They’ll perform in-home estimates for more accurate quotes or can give ballpark estimates online. For this sample move, the estimate for loading, transportation and unloading was $3,100.87 to $4,020.97.

PODS® example cost

PODS® is typically thought of as a middle-of-the-road option. A portable storage container is delivered to you, you load belongings inside, and they deliver it to the new location. For this example, PODS® recommended one 16’ container. The cost is broken down into three payments: $469.94 (for equipment delivery, pickup, liability coverage and equipment use for 30 days), $1,899.99 (for transportation) and $130.00 (for delivery and pickup). The total cost was $2,499.93.

U-Haul® example cost

Truck rental is the most do-it-yourself option for a move to a new state. You pack, pick up the equipment, load the truck, drive it, unload it and return it. For this example, U-Haul recommended a 20’ truck for $856. But don’t forget to add fuel! The rental truck fuel calculator shows that fuel for this trip would add $250, making the total $1,106.

U-Pack® example cost

U-Pack operates similarly to PODS® in that you do the packing and loading and don’t have to drive. However, thanks to an efficient transportation network, U-Pack offers a broad coverage area and rates often comparable to truck rental. For this example, U-Pack is the cheapest way to move out of state — two ReloCube containers for $771 or three ReloCubes for $841. You can have three Cubes delivered, and if you can fit your belongings into two, you only pay for two!

Note: U-Pack also offers moving trailers, and you may see this option on your quote. Trailers are a great option when you need flexibility — you can use as much space as you need, down to a 5-foot minimum.

While prices can vary depending on the specifics of each move, U-Pack is often the most cost effective option. Get a free moving quote to check rates for your move.

2. Choose the right services

When reserving the move, ask if any services can be removed to save costs. Removing any unwanted or unnecessary services can sometimes make a big difference. For example, PODS® includes 30 days of use with each move, but if you don’t need storage, then you’re paying for time you don’t need. Another example is U-Pack delivery options. To get the cheapest rate possible, consider loading or unloading at the nearest service center.

3. Reserve early to lock in rates

Prices can fluctuate based on availability and demand. Typically, you can get the best rate the further out you are from the move date. Not only does reserving guarantee equipment with U-Pack, it also locks in the rate, so if anything in the market changes (fuel prices, demand, etc.), your costs won’t be affected. Want even cheaper prices? If you reserve your U-Pack move online, you save $25 instantly!

4. Purge any unwanted belongings

Before packing, take inventory. Are there things you can let go? If so, getting rid of these belongings can result in a cheaper moving rate. With U-Pack, moving less means paying less. With our example move, downsizing from 3 Cubes to 2 would save you $70!

5. Follow the moving checklist​

Once you have the move set up and you’ve started going through your home, work through this moving checklist. It covers every moving task and is an easy way to see when to book a moving company and when to start packing. Following a moving timeline will help keep you on track so you can avoid unforeseen expenses.

Ready to move out of state?

Start with a U-Pack quote — you can get one online or call 800-413-4799. If you have questions about finding the cheapest option for out of state moving, leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!