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The Best Rental Trucks for Moving One Way

January 3rd, 2014 - 3:55 PM

What’s the best choice for moving truck rental?

If you’re searching for the best truck rental company for your one-way move, you’re probably looking for an affordable, reliable company with good customer service. And that’s exactly what you should be looking for! Though a rental truck may seem like the best bet – specifically from a price perspective – there’s an alternative that we think you’ll like. 

U-Pack® is a self-moving company designed to help you save money moving. You pack, load, and unload, and we do the driving. And if your one-way move is long distance, you’ll probably find that the price compares to renting a truck and driving it yourself.

Let’s take a closer look at why so many people call U-Pack a great alternative to truck rental when it comes to moving one way. 

What’s the best choice moving truck rental? Maybe it’s not a truck at all!

The Full Details on Truck Rental

Regardless of the moving truck company you use, when it comes to truck rental, they all work basically the same way.

You get a quote, either online or over the phone, and reserve your move. Keep in mind though, that your truck rental reservation isn’t always guaranteed. U-Haul® is a good example of this. Your reservation isn’t guaranteed until the day before pick up, which could result in getting a truck that’s a different size from what you originally reserved.

Another thing to be aware of is that truck rental prices don’t include sales tax, liability coverage or fuel. While they all add additional costs to your move, adding the fuel can be a pretty big deal – especially if you’re moving across the country. Even the best rental trucks have pretty low fuel mileage compared to regular cars. Read more about rental truck gas mileage here.

In a nutshell, when you consider the work involved with driving a rental truck, and all the extra costs, it may not be the best way to move after all.

What makes U-Pack the best way to move without driving a rental truck?

We do the driving – that’s what sets us apart. You can travel in the comfort of your own vehicle, and we’ll deliver right to your door.

Here are some other reasons U-Pack is the best choice for your one-way move:

Guaranteed Reservations
Your U-Pack reservation is guaranteed. That means the moving equipment is locked in and you know exactly what to expect on moving day. No surprises. 

Two Moving Equipment Options
U-Pack offers ReloCubes® and 28 ft. moving trailers. Each Cube holds about one room of furniture and boxes, and fits easily into a standard-size parking space. It’s a great option for smaller moves. The trailer is comparable in size to a 26 ft. rental truck plus a 10 ft. rental truck (with a little room to spare) – and you only pay for the space you use. That makes it a great option for any size move!  

Pay for the space you use
U-Pack takes the guesswork out of moving. You can reserve as many ReloCubes as you think you need, and only pay for the ones you use. And with the trailer, you pay based on the linear footage, down to a 5 ft. minimum. Our Space Estimator Tool can help you determine how much space you’ll need.

The fuel’s included! 
Are you breathing sigh of relief? If you’ve tried out the Rental Truck Fuel Calculator, you know it can be expensive to fill up a rental truck for one-way move across the country. With U-Pack, fuel is included in the price! That means no surprises at the pump!

We come to you 
With access to service centers in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, U-Pack provides direct, door-to-door service to over 90% of the U.S.

We get there fast
You get to drive your own vehicle and STILL get moved in quick! U-Pack transit times average just 2-5 business days. Not bad for a company that does the driving for you!

Customized moves
Another way U-Pack outperforms even the best moving trucks is the ability to customize your move to fit your needs and budget. Add storage to your trailer or ReloCube move, save money by loading and/or unloading at a local service center, and if you need to know the exact day your belongings will arrive at your new home, add U-Pack Guaranteed.

Go U-Pack – it’s the best way to move without driving a rental truck!

Sure, we’re a little biased, but the opportunity to pay truck rental prices without driving a rental truck is worth talking about. We hope you’ll join the others who say that even the best rental trucks don’t compare with the ease of using U-Pack.

Have questions? We’ll be happy to help! Get a free moving quote online, or call us at 800-413-4799.


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