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Small Room Decorating Ideas

August 30th, 2017 - 10:10 AM

How to decorate small spaces

When it comes to home decorating, size doesn’t matter.  A small space doesn’t have to be cluttered or thrown together — it can be creative and functional. With a little planning, you can maximize spaces to be efficient, comfortable and beautiful. Whether you’re dealing with a tiny apartment or a single room that’s not so big, we’ve gathered some tips to help you take advantage of the space you have.


White paint can open up a small room when decorating.

Small kitchen ideas


A pop of color can draw the eye around a small kitchen.

A few simple changes can have a big impact on a tiny kitchen. Some are more esthetic changes, while others are designed to increase functionality and provide more storage or prep areas. A little can go a long way when decorating a small kitchen:

  • Paint cabinets white — Lighter colored cabinets create the illusion of openness. A glossy finish can also create a mirrored effect, making the space look larger.
  • Create multifunctional areas — Set up areas to accommodate multiple uses. An island can be a food prep space, but adding bar stools makes it a table. A glass cook top (when completely cool and not in use) can also serve as a buffet. Keep clutter to a minimum so you can create spots with more than one purpose.
  • Add clear furniture — Acrylic furniture is trendy and helps make kitchens look more spacious. Clear barstools and chairs are available in many different styles from modern to more traditional, so there’s something for every taste.
  • Use a pop of color — In smaller rooms, it’s better to keep colors more neutral, but a pop of color can create a visual focus. Look for places to add color up high to draw the eye upward, or use small colorful items to create a visual flow.
  • Hide food prep areas — Install a hidden rolling countertop or one that pops up from inside a cabinet or from under the countertop. This gives more prepping surfaces but doesn’t take up permanent space.
  • Store behind doors — Hang spices behind cabinet doors or increase pantry space by using hanging storage racks, creating more storage areas and reducing clutter.
  • Hang a pot rack — Clear up cabinets by hanging pots above the stove or an island. Not only does it add a visual element, it frees up storage for other items.

Small bathroom ideas


Storage is a great addition in a small bathroom.

Design and storage elements can really transform a small bathroom. With a little planning, your bathroom can still feel relaxing and luxurious (instead of cramped). Here’s how to tackle this area:

  • Hang towels behind the door — Another “behind the door” space-saving hack: hang rods on the back of the door to hold towels to free up walls.
  • Store containers under the sink — Maximize storage capacity by stacking containers under the sink. Instead of just using one layer of storage space, stack multiple containers for even better organization.
  • Hang high shelving — Look up when placing shelves. A high shelf above the door frame can hold baskets full of extra towels or toiletries.
  • Use a multipurpose mirror — Switch out a traditional bathroom mirror for a storage mirror. Without taking up any more wall space, you can create a place to store items that would normally clutter the countertops.
  • Hang baskets— If you’re short on surfaces for items, just hang them! A basket attached to the wall could hold hand soap, lotions or spare toilet paper.
  • Use all spaces — In a small bathroom, utilize all areas, including behind the toilet. A storage rack or shelving can make use of an otherwise wasted place.

Small living spaces


Open legs on furniture is great for small living rooms.

With the right items and design elements, a living room can feel bigger than it is. Try these ideas for small living rooms:

  • Add vertical storage —Instead of going long, go tall! High bookshelves or shelving will conserve square footage.
  • Hang mirrors — Mirrors will reflect light and give the illusion of a bigger room. Decorate with mirrors to make the small living area seem larger.
  • Draw the eye upwards — Put a focal point higher up on the wall with window treatments, artwork or even a colored ceiling.
  • Use neutral colors — Intense colors can overwhelm a small living room. Stick to lighter, more neutral tones for paint and furniture.
  • Add glass tables — Just like acrylic furniture seems to disappear in a small kitchen, glass tables won’t add bulk to a living space.
  • Place furniture wisely — In a compact room, it can be tempting to push furniture along the walls to open it up. However, that can accentuate the smaller size. Instead, angle furniture or float it in the room.
  • Use furniture with exposed legs — Exposed legs give the appearance of less bulk, which creates the illusion of more space.

Small bedrooms


A decorative headboard can add interest to a small bedroom.

A small bedroom may not feel as cramped since it’s mostly just for sleeping. However, you can still make a tiny bedroom stylish and comfortable with these tips:

  • Use under bed storage — Under the bed is often a wasted area. Store out of season clothing, books, DVDs or other items out of sight to decrease clutter.
  • Create multipurpose furniture — Make pieces of furniture do double duty. A dresser can also be a nightstand. A desk can serve as a vanity. A bookshelf can also house the TV.
  • Add a focal wall – A fascinating piece of artwork or a different color wall can move the eye around the room.
  • Make your headboard interesting — With limited space in a small bedroom, an interesting headboard can serve as a work of art.
  • Mount lighting — Free up tabletops by mounting lighting next to the bed or over the desk.
  • Get a smaller bed — Clear up the floor by downsizing the bed. Go as small as is comfortable and you’ll have a more open area.

Do you have other small room decorating tips?

How do you decorate an apartment or tiny rooms? How do you make it feel comfortable and not confined? We would love to hear!