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Save Money Moving

June 3rd, 2008 - 8:32 AM

Timing is Everything
If you've been researching your move, you've probably found that the moving industry runs on a system of "peak" and "off-peak" days, similar to the airline industry. That just means that some days are more expensive than others. If you've got some flexibility, choose an off-peak moving day to save a little money.

Best time of year to move…
If you're not set on a summer move – consider choosing fall or winter. Since not as many people move this time of year, the moving industry is a litter slower, resulting in more competitive prices. Get a moving quote and compare.

Moving around the holidays…
If you can avoid it, try not to move around a holiday. People often try to coordinate moving plans around their children's school breaks which can keep moving equipment and drivers very busy. As a result, you'll often see higher prices around Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Best time of the month to move…
Having the trailer/ReloCube dropped off on Friday and picked up on Monday may seem like the perfect plan…It may be more convenient, but it's also more expensive. Since there is such a high demand for a Friday drop-off, you can save money by having equipment dropped off on a less-busy day of the week – like Tuesday or Wednesday. Because U-Pack allows up to three business days for loading, you can have the equipment dropped off on Wednesday or Thursday and still keep it over the weekend for loading! 

The end of the month is also a time when you'll see higher prices. Equipment and drivers are more in demand because many people choose to move at the end of the month when their leases are up. If you can move during the first two weeks of the month you'll see lower prices as well.