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PCSing to Hawaii - Preparing for an Assignment in Paradise

February 2nd, 2012 - 3:31 PM
Military life has its ups and downs, but sometimes the adventure can outweigh the adversity. Take moving, for example. Frequently pulling up roots is part of the job, but sometimes service members can hit the jackpot with an exotic locale. For many, the ideal duty station can be found in the tropical isles of Hawaii.

PCSing to Hawaii sounds like a dream assignment for many, but when the orders arrive, some families can feel overwhelmed with questions about moving to the islands and island living.

Before the surfing, snorkeling, hiking and volcano exploring can begin, the service family has to find a way to move all their belongings across the ocean. Many opt for the military’s full-service option, paid entirely by the military. Some, however, can’t resist the urge to pocket some of the payout by going the route of a DITY move (do-it-yourself, obviously). 

But how do you drive a moving truck over the ocean? Simple answer, you don’t. U-Pack offers a great solution for DITY moving for a PCS to Hawaii, and it’s called the ReloCube. U-Pack even offers storage in Hawaii with ReloCube moves. As an alternative, U-Pack can also complete your DITY move on ocean containers.

With direct service to all seven active military bases in Hawaii, we can also provide certified weight tickets. We understand the importance of weight ticket accuracy, and that is why we have a specialist dedicated to reviewing all military moves.

Whether you’re going with the military full-service option or making a DITY move, planning a PCS to Hawaii still involves plenty of planning.

Getting everyone there

Check with your Personnel Office to ensure that all family members’ names are on the PCS orders. If not, you could lose some travel and housing benefits.  Once confirmed, gather important documents and plan to hand-carry those as you travel to Hawaii. These include orders, leave forms, marriage and birth certificates and prescriptions, among others.

Moving four-legged furry family members to the islands? Make sure to check out Hawaii’s animal quarantine law.  Hawaii is rabies-free, and they intend to stay that way. With plenty of planning, a long quarantine period may not be necessary.

If you have any questions about a DITY move to Hawaii, contact our move specialists at 800-413-4799. Ask for a free moving quote with U-Pack’s military moving discount.