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Parking at an Apartment Complex or Storage Facility

February 14th, 2018 - 10:25 AM

Rules for parking at apartments or storage complexes​

Many apartment and storage complexes have tight parking — either due to limited space or because things like gates and buildings make them difficult to navigate through. Because of this, moving from these types of facilities can pose a challenge. If you only have access to one or two spots at an apartment or the storage unit doesn’t allow overnight parking for equipment, special arrangements may have to be made. The first step is finding out what the parking rules are, and then you can choose a moving company that can accommodate them.

reserve parking

How to get permission to park moving equipment

The first thing you need to do before a move is understand what the rules are at your facility. Talk with the landlord or the storage complex management about your upcoming move. While there may be guidelines to abide by, you aren’t the first person to move in or out, so they likely have solutions for parking. Here are some questions you might ask:

  • Are there certain days that are set aside for moving? For example, some complexes may not allow moving on Saturday because of increased traffic.
  • Do I need to reserve a time slot or parking spot?
  • Are there specific hours that the equipment needs to be dropped off or picked up?
  • Where can I park the equipment?
  • Is there a special entrance for the moving company to use?
  • Can I park overnight?
  •  Is there a special temporary code I can give the driver for gate access?
  • Is there a freight elevator at the apartment for moving big furniture/boxes? If so, do you need to reserve it? If not, ask about the best time to the housing elevator so other residents are not inconvenienced.
  • Where can loading or unloading help park?

Once you understand the guidelines for parking, you can find a moving service. One of the best solutions for long-distance moves where parking is an issue is U-Pack®. Because we do many residential and commercial deliveries, we are equipped to work around areas with tight parking.

The space needed to park a U-Pack moving truck and trailer

U-Pack® has two types of moving equipment: a 28’ moving trailer and smaller ReloCube containers. Take a look at the different parking needs for each equipment type.

The trailer is 28’ long and requires about 40 feet in length for delivery and parking (including room for the 14’ loading ramp). Along with the length, it needs 14’ of overhead space (free from low-hanging wires or tree limbs) and 10 feet in width. That is equivalent to 3-4 car lengths or five standard side-by-side spaces in a parking lot. The trailer needs to be parked on a solid surface — no soft earth or grassy areas.

The ReloCube is comparable to a PODS® container — a metal moving and storage container — except its size often makes it easier to park. Cubes are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ and fit in a standard parking space. Like the trailer, they require a paved, level location for delivery and 14 feet of overhead clearance. This is because they’re delivered to your location by a flatbed or drop-deck trailer and placed on the ground using a forklift.

While most areas are great for parking our equipment (with the proper permission and permits), there are some places we can’t park the trailer or Cube due to legal or clearance issues. These include:

  • Fire lane or next to a fire hydrant
  • The wrong way on a one-way street
  • In a garage or parking garage
  • Under covered parking or car port
  • Under an awning

How U-Pack can work around parking issues

Take a look at some common parking issues you might face at apartments or storage facilities and ways we can work through them. Keep in mind, U-Pack doesn’t coordinate a parking plan for you, but if you’re stuck, we’re happy to help come up with solutions.

The apartment or storage facility won’t allow overnight parking.

Because we give our customers three days to load and three days to unload, the equipment stays parked overnight for most moves. In locations where overnight parking isn’t allowed, we may be able to do a same-day pick up or live load. Same-day pick up is where the driver delivers the trailer or container early in the day and then picks it up later that afternoon or evening. Live loads are where the driver stays with the equipment for a set period of time, usually 2 or 4 hours. Live loads are typically available in bigger cities where parking is extremely limited. If you think you need one of these options, call a U-Pack representative at 800-413-4799.

There’s a gated entry-way that may not be wide enough for the equipment. ​

Both the moving trailer and ReloCube delivery equipment make wide turns. However, we may be able to park outside of the gate and have you load the equipment there. Make sure to ask about the best route and location or call a U-Pack representative for help.

Limited access to parking spaces.

For moves with limited parking, ReloCubes may be ideal. Since each Cube only needs a standard parking space, it’s possible to use just one or two spots depending on the size of your apartment or storage unit.

Only street parking is available.

We can park the equipment on the street in most locations, but parking permits may be required. Check with the city, street department or the local police to find out what requirements there are for street parking. Give yourself enough time (2-4 weeks, if possible) to get permits approved before the move. Learn more about parking permits.

You have to reserve parking spots for the equipment.

Reserved parking is ideal because it means the space is readily available when the trailer or Cube arrives. Some places may even require you to reserve spots. Talk with the person in charge to see if reserving spaces is allowed, and then be sure to put up signs or block off the area on the day of your move.

You have nowhere to park.

We work with thousands of customers every day, so if you have nowhere to park, don’t worry, we can still help! Consider these alternative parking options:

  • Get permission at another location (neighboring street or parking lot)
  • Ask a U-Pack consultant about same-day delivery/pick up
  • Ask about a live load
  • Do a terminal-to-terminal move (where you load or unload your items at the closest service center)

Talk to U-Pack about apartment or storage facility parking issues

No matter where you’re moving from or to, we’ll can help you find parking solutions. Get a free online moving quote, then call a U-Pack consultant at 800-413-4799 to discuss parking situations. You can give us your quote reference number, and we can check the available options.

Do you have other questions about moving equipment parking in residential areas or storage areas? Leave us a comment below — we’re happy to help!