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Moving Quotes Online

August 10th, 2016 - 2:33 PM

Compare moving company quotes

If you’re planning an upcoming move, one of the first things you’ll need to do is figure out pricing. Most companies allow you to get a moving quote online, but how can you be sure you’re getting the best rate? Since each company offers different services, it can often feel like comparing apples to oranges – leaving you unsure of what choice to make. The good news is there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the best price possible.

moving quotes online

Choosing the best moving quote

To help you figure out which moving service is best for your situation, you’ll need to understand what each company offers and make sure you’re providing the right information. Doing these three things will make it easier to make a decision:

1.       Double check what’s included

When searching for moving prices, it’s important to look beyond the final number and remember what the price includes. If you went to a restaurant that charged $10 for a hamburger and a drink and then went to another that charged $9 just for the burger, you would probably think the first restaurant was a better value.  The same goes for moving companies. Some will include certain fees while others will separate the costs. Since every company includes different things, you have to examine each moving quote to determine what’s paid for up-front.    

2.       Make sure information is correct

Moving quotes are based on the information provided. Typically, most companies charge based on where you’re moving to/from, how much you’re moving and when you plan on moving. Here’s how each of those things makes an impact:

Moving to/from

In places like Chicago (where one city has multiple zip codes) or large suburban areas, entering the wrong city or zip code could mean a higher quote (because the truck might need to go to a different local service center for delivery). Make sure you enter the correct zip code so your belongings can be delivered the best way. Not sure which part of a city you’ll be living in? That’s OK! Just keep in mind that the final price might be different than the online quote.

How much you’re moving

Moving a two-bedroom home (with a storage shed and an attic full of stuff)  will be more expensive than moving the same house with minimal furnishings. Use a helpful tool like a room-by-room space estimator to select the belongings you have in each room and determine how much space you’ll need.

When you’re moving

Just like airlines, hotels and other seasonal businesses, certain days in the moving industry have higher demand. Being flexible with the move date may make a big difference in how much the move costs. Each moving service should be able to help you figure out the best date, but, in general, moving during off-peak season (October through March) will be cheapest. 

3.       Read the entire quote to see how you can customize your options

Once you understand what your quote includes, it’s important to know what options you can add on. If you need loading or unloading help, storage or other services, you’ll want to compare those prices as well.  

U-Pack moving quotes

U-Pack® is a self-moving company where you do the packing and loading, but we handle the driving. We have two types of moving equipment: trailers and containers. Both options offer the flexibility to use the space you need.  In a moving trailer, you load your belongings inside and pay only for the space you use. With moving containers, you reserve as many as you think you’ll need, but you only pay for the ones you use.

U-Pack gives three business days to load, which means you can have your moving equipment delivered on a Thursday and keep it all weekend. A U-Pack consultant can help you determine the best move date for you depending on when you need to be out of your current home or into your new home. If you have a tight schedule, we also have guaranteed options available.

Reading a U-Pack quote

 “What does my quote cover?” is one of the most common questions people have when getting a quote from a moving company.  To read a U-Pack quote, look for the total cost and the details. The quote will list which type of equipment is preferred, how much space you’re likely to use, your move date and the estimated transit time. If you’re using a moving trailer, you’ll see a “per-foot adjustment rate” so you will know how much to add or subtract if you need extra space. With a ReloCube® quote, you can see how much an extra CubeTM will cost if you need one delivered.  

Get an instant moving quote

Want to see how much a move with U-Pack would cost? Get a free moving quote online or call 800-413-4799. If you have any questions about getting a quote, understanding the price or about moving with U-Pack, leave us a comment. We’re always happy to help!