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Moving away from family: How to deal

August 27th, 2012 - 1:33 PM

How to deal
Moving away from family is a hard thing to do. It was hard for me to say goodbye to my parents when I moved 15 minutes away in the same town, and it was even harder for me to say goodbye to them when I moved to a town an hour away. Here are my best tips for how to deal when moving away from family:

  • Call/text often. It doesn’t matter if your definition of often is two times a day, every day, or every week, just call or text. If you don’t call every day, write down the ups and downs of your week so you’ll be able to remember things to tell them when they ask about your week. Text them in the morning and afternoon to let them know how you’re doing.
  • Email. If calling and texting isn’t an option, email! There’s a fun thrill when you see a message in your inbox from a loved one. It can be a great way to chat daily without talking on the phone or constantly texting.
  • Face to face (kind of). Thanks to technology, you can use programs like Skype to talk to your family via video chat. This option is best for when you aren’t able to see your family in-person.
  • Visit. Holidays are a great time to visit family. If you can plan to visit your family around a big holiday, it will make the time together even more special, and give you something to look forward to in the meantime.
  • Snap a pic. Before you move away, take pictures with your family. You can put these pictures up in your new home or at work. It will make you feel like they are with you.
  • Journal. Journaling is great way to remember your experiences while you are away from your family. You’ll be able to see the positives and negatives of being away from them, and you’ll get to see how you’ve grown as a person.
  • Get out. Find a hobby to take your mind off being away from your family. You can find new friends through a common hobby, which will help you not feel so lonely.
  • Make comfort foods. Do you love your mom’s sweet potato casserole? Find out from her how she makes it, then make it yourself! The food will help comfort you when you feel alone. Invite new friends over to enjoy it with you!
  • Take one day at a time. Don’t have a pity party. Tell yourself that you’re going to take one day at a time, learning more about yourself and your new home.
  • Keep traditions alive. Does your family have a certain tradition, like making tacos on Tuesday nights? Keep it alive by doing it yourself. Just because you move away from family doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice those fun family traditions!
  • Move back. If the distance between you and your family is just too far, move back. Moving away from family isn’t for everyone, so if you’re feeling like you need to be there with them, then do it!
Do you have any tips on how to deal when moving away from family? Share them with us by leaving a comment below. Don’t miss out on using U-Pack to move you to your new home. A free moving quote is waiting for you—and don’t forget, we do the driving!