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Moving a Sofa - Will it fit in a ReloCube?

September 1st, 2017 - 1:52 PM

Shipping a sofa in a U-Pack ReloCube

The ReloCube® moving container has many great attributes — affordable pricing, flexible options, and a size that allows it to fit in a standard parking space. But will its compact size be a problem when loading large furniture like a sofa? Most sofas will fit, but be sure to measure first. Find out what size furniture can fit in a CubeTM, learn what to do if your couch won’t fit, and get tips on prepping a sofa for a long distance move.  

Moving a sofa will it fit in a ReloCube

Compare the couch and ReloCube sizes​

The ReloCube has internal dimensions of 70” x 83” x 93” (DWH).  If your sofa can stand on end, it will fit as long as it’s is less than 92” in length. If it needs to stay flat, then it has to be less than 83” to fit along the width of the container.

Watch this video to see how a full-size couch can be loaded into a Cube:

What to do if your sofa won’t fit

If your sofa is too big, don’t fret! You can still move with U-Pack, you’ll just need to switch to the moving trailer. Trailers are 324” wide, 96” tall and 108” long internally. Use the space you need (down to a five linear foot minimum). If you have a  ReloCube quote but want to switch to a trailer, email changequote@upack.com for assistance.

Moving a sofa

Before moving day, there are a few things to do to get your sofa ready. Follow these steps:


Protect your couch during the move with a few simple steps:

  • Remove the legs. If you can remove the legs, do so. Place them and any hardware in a bag, label the bag, and pack into a box.
  • Take the cushions off. If the pillows are separate, remove them and place in plastic bags for protection. They can be used as filler between furniture while loading.
  • Wrap the sofa. Wrap the entire piece with furniture pads or moving blankets. You can use stretch wrap or tape to keep the wrapping material in place, but don’t tape to the couch itself, just the paper padding.
  • Take caution while moving it through door frames. Use cardboard on the doorway while moving the couch in and out. This will allow it to easily slide through without getting stuck on the latch or door jamb.

Note about sofa beds: Before wrapping a sofa bed, make sure the bed mechanism is secured to prevent it from opening when moving and loading.


Placing a sofa on end isn’t just the best way to make it fit inside a ReloCube, it’s also a great way to keep it safe during the move. Many manufacturers recommend not placing items on the sofa while moving because it can damage the cushions and springs. Loading it on end means nothing gets stacked on top of the cushions — protecting the furniture and avoiding any wasted space. After it’s loaded, attach ratchet straps or rope to the logistics tracking to keep the couch securely in place.


If you have questions about your sofa, moving in a Cube or U-Pack in general, leave us a comment below. We’re happy to help!

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