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Military Kids and Moving

August 26th, 2013 - 8:52 AM

Military Moving with Children

Did you know that military kids move 6-9 times during their K-12 school years, according to the Military Child Education Coalition. With so many moves, it’s important to understand how to prepare for your move, complete your move, and help your kids adjust. Thankfully, studies have shown there are no long-term negative effects related to frequent military moves (according to this Navy article). However, teenagers can be affected more than younger children. No matter what age your kids are, kids who were prepared ahead of time adjusted better. You’re on the right track preparing your kids for your move!

How to Prepare for a Military Move with Children

Children thrive on information and routine, two things that can be difficult to provide in the midst of a move. However, the more open you can be with communication, the better. Once you get your orders and the planning begins, take time to talk with your kids. Give children information on the new town where you are moving, including information on their school and fun stuff to do there. You can get them excited by showing them the fun park that will be in the neighborhood, or the skating rink where they can have their birthday party. You’d be amazed how excited a kid can be when you show them the websites of some fun new things that will be at their disposal after the move. The family service or support centers in your new location may be able to help you gather information to share with your kids. If your base offers relocation services, they may have programs in place to help your children adjust to the moves as well.

As you pack, give your kids specific tasks to do so they feel like a part of the moving process. Let them pack non-breakable items, like books, or have them help fold linens to pack. This post about moving with children has some great tips to help kids cope during this unknown time.

Helping Your Children Cope with Military Moving

Moving frequently can take a toll on children. Moving brings lots of unfamiliar things and new experiences. This post about helping children cope with moving explains how kids take their cues from you, along with providing some resources to help. If you have younger children, these books about moving are excellent for helping them cope with the changes they are facing. And the military has a resource available called “Military Youth on the Move” that is a great website for kids, pre-teens, and teens to get help transitioning through your move.

The Best Way to Do Your PCS with Kids

The military’s full service move isn’t perfect when moving with kids. It can take weeks on end to get your stuff delivered. Those weeks without their favorite toys and the stuff that makes your house seem like “home” can feel like an eternity with a child. Not to mention all the things you’ll have to buy in the meantime to get you through those weeks without all your stuff.

On the other hand, using a rental truck isn’t ideal with kids. There aren’t enough seats, and since there isn’t a backseat, it can be unsafe for kids. So how can you move keeping your kids in mind?

U-Pack is an ideal moving solution for those moving with kids. You pack and load your stuff, but then U-Pack arranges all the driving so you can travel safely with your family. And when it comes to military relocation – U-Pack can provide weight tickets at your request. U-Pack is actually a popular choice when it comes to PPMs and DITY moves because often the cost of your move is less than your allotment, so you can save the rest! You can get a quote here from U-Pack to see how it fits into your moving budget.

More Resources for Military Moves with Kids

If you have young children, make sure and take a minute to read these tips for keeping kids safe on moving day – to make sure everyone is prepared for moving day. And for help keeping the kids happy during your road trip, check out this post. If you have any questions about completing a military relocation with kids, please leave a comment below. Or if you have any tips about helping military kids cope with moving, we’d love to hear those too!