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Little Known Ways to Get Moving Truck Deals

December 27th, 2013 - 9:03 AM

Where are all the rental truck deals?

We hear ya! Everyone’s looking for a good deal on a rental truck, but actually finding one? Well, that’s the hard part. Nothing’s sweeter than paying less than full-price for something, but in order to score a great deal, you have to find it first. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you learn some of the little known ways you can get moving truck deals for your long-distance move. And we’ll introduce you to U-Pack®, the best kept secret truck rental hopes you never find out.


Find moving truck deals.

Little known ways to get a moving truck deal

Price match. Call the truck rental companies you’re considering and get a quote from each one. Ask what’s included in each quote and what’s not (e.g. some companies include unlimited mileage; others don’t). Once you have all the info you need, narrow down your top choices. Give each company a call, and explain that you have a quote from the “other guy” and see if they will match the price. If they will, then great – you just got a deal!

Go off-peak. The moving industry works similarly to the airline and hotel industries in the fact that it revolves around peak and off-peak times. If you can move during a time when the truck rental company isn’t so busy, you could pay significantly less for your move. You’ll see higher prices anytime between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and lower prices in the fall/winter.

Search for coupons.  A simple Google search for “truck rental deals” or “moving truck deals” may turn up a few promo codes for some of the top truck rental companies. Sites like RetailMeNot and Coupons.com could have discount codes available for you to use.

Switch locations. Most truck rental companies are franchises, meaning each location is independently owned and operated. Because of this, each location determines its own prices based on what it can offer you (like 24-hour drop off). Determine the truck rental locations closest to your origin and destination to see if the prices differ. You may be able to save just by picking up or dropping off at a location that’s a little out of your way.

Use your member discount. Are you in the Military? Are you a student? Are you an AAA member? Ask the moving company if being a member of the government, a college, or an organization can lower your move price. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Talk to your insurance agent. Most rental truck companies offer insurance/damage protection for an additional cost. But if your home insurance will cover your belongings while they’re in the back of a moving truck, then you won’t have to dish out the extra cash. Talk to your insurance agent and call the truck rental company to make sure you understand the terms and conditions if your belongings or their truck is damaged during the move.

Deduct your moving expenses. Many people forget that they can deduct their moving expenses after they move! Whether you go truck rental or not, find out if you qualify to deduct your moving expenses here. Sure, it’s a savings on the back end of your move, but saving is saving no matter how you look at it!

Now that you know some different ways you can get a deal on a moving truck, let’s dive into what we think is the best deal you can get when moving long-distance: U-Pack®

U-Pack – the best moving truck deal

The reason truck rental companies would rather you not know about U-Pack is because we’re revolutionizing the way people move! With U-Pack, you can move long-distance without driving a rental truck, but still pay prices that compare. We take care of the driving, freeing you up to get to your destination on your own time and schedule. Plus we offer one thing moving truck companies can’t – price flexibility. With U-Pack, you’re only charged based on the amount of space you use inside our moving trailer or the number of ReloCubes you use. U-Pack customers love being in control of the price.

If you’re looking for moving truck deals, go ahead and get a free moving quote from U-Pack. Our prices include fuel, taxes, tolls, and the driver. If you need to know how much space you might use in the trailer or how many ReloCubes you might need, try out our Simple Space Estimator tool. Gone are the days where you pick one size truck and hope all your stuff will fit inside. With U-Pack, you get the flexibility to pack and load how you want. If you move less, you pay less – simple as that!

Give us a call at 800-413-4799 to talk to a helpful U-Pack moving specialist. We’ll help you get the best deal possible for your upcoming move. To get your U-Pack move going, use our coupon code BLOG25 to get $25 off your move when you reserve.

If you have questions, leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!