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How to Use Plastic Wrap for Moving

February 22nd, 2016 - 7:11 AM

Using stretch wrap for moving

Certain moving supplies are necessary for a successful long-distance move, and plastic wrap (also known as stretch wrap) is one of those supplies. It’s a great way to protect your furniture from scratches and scuffs, and it can be used for wrapping hard-to-pack items like rugs, furniture, and bed rails. And because it has no adhesive backing, it only sticks to itself – not your furniture. Let’s look at how you use stretch wrap and where to buy it.

stretch wrap

How to use plastic wrap for moving

Watch this video to see exactly how plastic wrap works to keep your furniture safe and secure:


Ways to use plastic wrapping

There are plenty of ways to put the wrap to good use:

  • Keep drawers and cabinet doors in place on dressers, armoires, and other furniture.
  • Keep appliance cords secured by wrapping them in plastic wrap around the appliance.
  • Secure paper padding or moving blankets around furniture.\
  • Bundle together items like bed rails, moving boxes, or electric cords.
  • Prevent dust and dirt from getting to your items while in transit.

Step-by-step guide to using moving plastic wrap

To use the wrap on larger items, hold the large plastic wrap roll on the ends and begin to wrap around the piece of furniture. Let the roll unwrap as you move it around the item. For smaller items, use the small plastic wrap. Just hold the tension control handle to wrap the stretch wrap around the item. Follow these steps to use the stretch wrap for moving:

1.     Clean your furniture before wrapping. Use a duster or a damp rag. Make sure furniture is clean and dry before wrapping.

2.     Remove any easily detachable parts including table leafs and table and chair legs (wrap them each separately).This makes furniture easier to move and less likely to sustain damage.

3.     If you are wrapping wood or leather furniture, wrap it first with paper padding or furniture pads to allow room to breathe – otherwise, condensation can collect under the stretch wrap and cause damage.

4.     Use large stretch wrap to wrap large furniture. Simply hold the roll by the center and walk around the piece, letting the roll unwrap. If the plastic wrap doesn’t still to your furniture, have someone hold it against the furniture until you wrap all the way around it. The wrap will stick to itself, so you may have to get it started.

5.     Pay special attention to the corners while you're wrapping. Without proper care, they can be easily damaged and can cause damage to walls and other furniture. For extra protection, it's a good idea first to cover them with cardboard or foam, and then wrap over that with stretch wrap.

6.     Use small stretch wrap for keeping furniture drawers and doors secure. For example, you can pack clothing in your dresser drawers and keep them in place by wrapping stretch wrap around the dresser and drawer. It’s an easy way to pack efficiently (and it also keeps the drawers closed during transit and loading so nothing falls out!).

A few other things to consider when using plastic wrap:

  • If you have wooden or leather furniture, do not use plastic wrap directly on those items. If you do, moisture trapped underneath the plastic wrap can cause the furniture or leather to warp, mold, or mildew.
  • It’s best to wrap leather and wooden furniture in paper padding, then use plastic wrap on top of that to secure the paper padding to the furniture.
  • If you have upholstered furniture, you can use plastic wrap directly on it to prevent dust and dirt from getting on the item (upholstered furniture doesn’t sweat like wooden and leather furniture).

Where can I buy plastic wrap?

The U-Pack® Box Store offers two sizes of plastic wrap:

  • The large roll measures 15.5” wide and is 1,476 ft. long. This option is great for securing paper padding/moving blankets to wooden or leather furniture, or for wrapping upholstered furniture.
  • The small roll measures 5” wide and is 1,000 ft. long. It’s ideal for bundling items. Just use the tension control handle to wrap tightly around the bundle.

And that’s a wrap!

Now that you know all about plastic stretch wrap for moving, be sure to get a roll or two from the U-Pack Box Store. Stretch wrap will help keep your items secure and dust-free during the move, so it’s essential to have on hand while packing.

To see how you can save money on your move, get a free moving quote from U-Pack.

If you have any specific questions about how to use plastic wrap, leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!