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How to Save More Than Just a U-Haul Discount

August 4th, 2017 - 1:16 PM

Looking for U-Haul discounts?​​

As a smart shopper, you’re probably in the habit of searching online for coupons before making a big purchase. And since the equipment is one of the biggest moving expenses, looking for a discount makes sense. If you’re able to track down a U-Haul® coupon, promo code or discount, make sure you do some research before booking — it may not make the exact impact you’re wanting. Before searching much further, take a closer look at what it’s like to use a U-Haul coupon (what it covers and doesn’t cover) and other ways to save money on your move.

U-Haul coupon

Using a U-Haul coupon​

If you find a coupon code or discounts for a rental truck, make sure you understand how it works. There might be a coupon online for military members or AAA, but even if those are applicable to you, it’s important to note that they don’t cover the entire cost of your move. Coupons won’t apply to these moving costs:

  • Fuel. With a rental truck, you pay extra for fuel, which can add up fast! Check out the rental truck fuel calculator to estimate how much gas will cost for your move.
  • Damage coverage. To protect yourself from unplanned costs, you may want to add damage coverage to your rental. This is additional cost on top of the truck rental rate, and it’s also not covered by any discount code.
  • Towing. If you need to tow your vehicle behind the U-Haul, a coupon code may not cover the cost of the towing equipment. And remember that towing a car also decreases your fuel efficiency, costing more in gas.
  • Travel costs.  While traveling, you may have to pay for incidentals like hotels, food and road tolls. And, as you already know, these extra costs are not covered by a U-Haul promo code.

Coupon Alternatives

Instead of using a U-Haul code, we recommend exploring other money saving options. While rental trucks are often a viable option for local moves, they're not always the most economical choice for long-distance moves. Take a look at U-Pack®, an affordable self-moving service where your belongings are delivered right to your door.

It works like this: We’ll deliver a moving trailer or ReloCube moving container to your home, you load it, and we’ll drive it to your new home. Prices include all the extras (fuel, liability coverage, transportation) so U-Pack saves you time and money. Compare U-Haul® with U-Pack to see how they stack up. Our customers love the flexibility and the fact that they don’t have to drive a huge truck!

U-Pack discount code

Save on your U-Pack move with a discount code! Use promo code BLOG25 to save $25 with U-Pack, and then reserve your move online to save an additional $25!

Compare U-Pack rates against U-Haul coupons

Call or click today to get a free moving quote from U-Pack. Compare rates and savings to find out if you can save even more than a U-Haul discount. Even with a coupon, having all the “extras” bundled in may make U-Pack a better value.

If you have questions on how to compare rates or choosing a moving service, leave a comment below. We’re here to help you!


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