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How to Read Your Moving Quote

By Jeremy
July 17th, 2008 - 2:53 PM

Is my quote in a bind?
The consumer awareness website Protect Your Move defines a binding quote as, "An agreement made in advance with your mover, which guarantees the total cost of the move based upon the quantities and services shown on the estimate."
This seems to be the most sought after type.  As with all important things in life, make sure to get a copy of the quote before your move to ensure both parties are aware of what services are to be provided.  Remember, if any services are added or subtracted, the estimate can change.  Go ahead and get in a bind…you only pay the quoted price for the service provided! 

What about a U-Pack Quote?
In case you're wondering…a U-Pack quote is a binding quote. You might see a change in the price if you use more or less linear feet, but your quote will clearly indicate what the price will be if that happens.  If you're using the ABF Trailer, your quote will include an "adjustment rate" so you'll know how much to add or subtract if you use more or less linear feet. If you are using a ReloCube, you can get a quote for as many ReloCubes as you might need, then you'll know ahead of time what to expect if you need more (or less).  This all puts you in charge of the price you pay.  I recommend verifying that this type of information is included on the quote for any moving company you may be considering. This should help you to avoid any unexpected surprises!  It's not uncommon to hear terrible stories about people who thought their price was going to be one thing and it ended up being much, much higher.  That's tough when moving can already be an expensive process!

If you're not in a bind its not too late!
The proof is all in the name.  A non-binding quote is the opposite of a binding quote…something you do not want to get wrapped up in.  This type of quote is going to change in some form or fashion.  It is generally based on weight and an initial survey of the items you're moving.  Keep in mind, if you make the decision to trust a non-binding quote, the moving company is not bound to that price.  The unknown factor that makes the non-binding quote so risky is the uncertainty of how, or possibly why, the estimate could change.  I prefer to have some kind of control over a situation and a non-binding quote does not allow for that!  The U-Pack quote will include, in very clear wording, exactly how the price could change.  Control is still maintained!