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How to Pack China

April 28th, 2015 - 10:50 AM

Packing china for your upcoming move

Your delicate china is one of the most fragile items you’ll pack for your long-distance move. To keep it safe for the road, follow these helpful packing instructions.

Here are the supplies you’ll need (you can find these supplies at the U-Pack Box Store)

A video on how to pack china for moving

A step-by-step guide for packing china

1.      Wrap china in packing paper.

First, line the bottom of the box with crushed packing paper for extra protection.

China plates. If your plates are the same size, wrap each plate individually in packing paper, then stack into a set of four and wrap the bundle together. If you have different sized plates, wrap individually in packing paper instead of bundling together.

China bowls. Pack your bowls in the same way you pack your plates, bundling same-size bowls and individually wrapping different-size plates.

China cups. Place crushed packing paper into each cup, then wrap cups separately in packing paper.

China stemware. Place crushed packing paper into the glass, wrap Bubble Wrap or packing paper around the stem for extra cushioning, then wrap each glass in several layers of packing paper.

Odd-shaped china. Fill the item with crushed packing paper (if applicable), then wrap the item in packing paper.

China mugs. Fill the mug with crushed packing paper, wrap the handle in Bubble Wrap or packing paper, then wrap the entire mug in packing paper.

2.      Place china into box. Place plates and bowls into the box vertically on their edges. Stemware should be placed into the box vertically and upside-down.

3.      Close, tape, and label the box. Fill gaps in the box with crushed packing paper, then close the box, tape it shut, and label it “Fragile,” “This Side Up,” and what’s inside.

Tips for how to pack china

  • Pack no more than 10 lbs. of china per box
  • Place heavier items in the bottom of each box and lighter items on top.
  • You can also use dish pack boxes to pack china. They’re made with reinforced walls and include divider partitions for fragile china.
  • Pack the same set of china together in the same box instead of splitting up. It’ll make unpacking easier.


If you have questions about how to pack your china or other household items, leave a comment below! We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about moving with U-Pack®, a “you pack, we drive” moving company with rates competitive with truck rental. Get an instant quote online or call 800-413-4799 to speak with a friendly moving consultant.