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How to Move a Mattress

November 18th, 2015 - 8:23 AM

Protect your mattress when moving

Mattresses are one of the more challenging items to move. They’re big and can be difficult to maneuver. They’re also one of the most important items you move because you’ll probably want to crawl into your comfy bed at the end of a long day of unpacking. We’ve got the steps for moving your mattress to make sure it arrives ready for that first night in your new home.

how to move a mattress

How to move a mattress in 8 easy steps

  1. Remove your bedding. Wash and dry them thoroughly and then pack them separately into their own moving box. This way, your bedding is fresh and clean when you arrive at your new house.
  2. Grab a friend. Mattresses are big and cumbersome, so don’t try to move one alone. You could damage the bed or injure yourself.
  3. Clear an area close by. Make a workspace near the bed for the next step. Then, remove the mattress from the bed frame and take it to the workspace.
  4. Wrap it in a mattress bag. These fitted, plastic bags will protect your bed against tears, dirt, and other mishaps during the move. Securely wrap the mattress bag in tape to make sure the bag stays in place.
  5. Label the bag. Write on the bag to show which room it goes into. For example, “Master bedroom” or “John’s room.”
  6. Move the mattress. Avoid bending or folding the mattress, especially those with coil springs. If you have to wind around stairs or through walkways, clear those areas of other furniture, as it can be difficult to maneuver around those items. Use forearm forklifts to assist in carrying the bed.
  7. Load the mattress against a wall. It’s the safest place for them inside the moving trailer or ReloCube. If you have multiple mattresses, stack them upright together. Here’s another tip: in between them is a great place to load large frames or mirrors (after you wrap them up of course!).
    • Note: For memory foam mattresses, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for moving. Some should always be moved flat, while others can be rolled. Don’t stack heavy items on top of the memory foam mattress as it can deform them.
  8. Unload the mattress. Carefully carry your mattress inside and use caution when unwrapping it. Be careful not to cut through to the bed as you remove the packaging.

For the actual transportation of your mattress (and other stuff), check out U-Pack! U-Pack is a self-move service where you pack and load, but U-Pack does all the driving. U-Pack’s rates are comparable to truck rental, but you never have to drive! Get a free moving quote to see how you can move with U-Pack.

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