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How to Let People Know You're Moving

May 31st, 2013 - 11:50 AM

Moving? Tell your family and friends first!

In today’s technological society, it’s easy to think that you can tell everyone you know about any big announcement with the click of a button. With a Facebook status, tweet, or blog post you can tell virtually the whole world you’re moving. However, before you do that, you may want to personally tell your family, friends and coworkers about the move. When you’ve got big news like that, it’s wise to tell those close to you first, then shout it to the world. So how do you let people know you’re moving?

Make a grand announcement. If possible, you could gather your family and friends together for a dinner or a party and make the announcement to the whole group at once. If the move is something to celebrate (a job promotion, starting college, getting married), then the get-together becomes a celebration with your loved ones after you make the moving announcement!

One at a time. If you can’t get everyone together all at once to let them know you’re moving, you can tell them individually—maybe go out for coffee or lunch. If you think the news of your move will be upsetting, you might come with a sentimental gift, like a picture frame or scrapbook; something like a “going away” gift to soften the blow. And while it isn’t as personal, if you have friends and/or family who don’t live close, you could call or Skype to break the news.

Tell your employer. When you have to tell work that you are moving, it’s important to start with your boss (you don’t want him/her to hear it from someone else). It’s best to make sure to give at least the customary two weeks' notice, and be sure to stay positive. You want to maintain a good relationship with your boss, coworkers, and company. Once your boss has heard the news, you can tell your coworkers. Maintaining good relationships is important at work, so let them know why you are leaving (better opportunities, be closer to family, new start, etc.) so that you can keep your friendships even after you move.

Tell the whole world! After you tell those who need to know first, such as close family and friends, and coworkers, you can make the announcement over social media. Another great idea is to send online moving announcements. These adorable announcements are a great way to share your new address with friends via email without posting that personal information online.

Of course, these aren’t the only ideas for telling people you’re moving. I’m sure you creative folks out there have some awesome ideas – so please share them with us! I hope these ideas help you to take the first step and tell your close friends and family you’re moving! Once they know, you can start making memories together so that the moving experience can be fun!

And you might (selfishly) want them to be excited for your move so that they can help you. When moving day rolls around, having friends and family around to help you stay organized and sane is great. If you use a self-moving service, like U-Pack, a few extra hands helping load can really speed up the process. So maybe you can tell people you’re moving by giving them a pair of work gloves with an invite to help you move! Ha! (Ok, so that may not be the best idea…) But no matter how you tell them, make sure you tell those closest to you first. Most people don’t like finding out big updates like that on their Facebook news feed. Good luck with your move!