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How Rental Truck Insurance Works

By Derek
January 5th, 2012 - 9:28 AM

You’re moving, right? Does it sometimes feel like there’'s no end to your “to-do” list?  I hate to add to your already hectic day, but if you’'re considering a rental truck for your move, there’'s one more thing you’'ll need to think about (if you haven'’t already) —INSURANCE.  Ugh. Not really what you want to deal with on top of everything else, but it’'s definitely necessary.  If you haven'’t talked to your agent in a while, now’'s the time. 

But before you pick up the phone, keep in mind that you don’'t have to worry about insurance when you move with U-Pack. Companies like ABF Freight do all the driving, alleviating any worries of having an accident in a rental truck.  And it definitely helps that the cost of moving long-distance with U-Pack compares to the cost of moving in a rental truck.  If you haven'’t gotten a free moving quote yet, I highly recommend it!

Let’s break down how rental truck insurance works:

To help make your decision, it’'s important to understand how rental truck insurance works, and what you can expect to pay for it. 

First, never assume you'’re insured without checking first.  Ask your auto insurance provider this question:  “Does my personal auto insurance coverage extend to rental trucks with a gross vehicle weight that exceeds 9,000 lbs.?”  Likely it will not.

If it doesn'’t, it’'s wise to add it through the rental truck company.  If the unexpected happens (and we all know it occasionally does), the cost to repair or replace a rental truck can be significant.  In fact, U-Haul says it would cost around $38,000 to replace a 26 foot’ rental truck!  OUCH! 

According to U-Haul’'s website, they offer two levels of coverage for rental truck customers:  Safemove® and Super Safemove®.  Both of these provide protection if the rental truck is damaged while in your possession.  This coverage adds from $75 to $135 to your rental truck price.

According to Budget’'s website, they offer four plans:  Plan 1 - Damage Waivers; Plan 2 - Supplemental Liability Insurance; Plan 3 – Personal; Plan 4 - Cargo and Auto Tow Protection.  The rates for these service plans vary state to state, so only the local agent can tell you how much your price will increase by adding this coverage.

U-Pack liability coverage:

Like I mentioned before, since you don't have to drive, you don't have to worry about insuring the equipment.  You simply load your belongings into the truck, secure them tightly for safe transit and install a secure divider wall.  U-Pack will drive it to your new home. Each U-Pack move includes standard liability coverage for the contents of the trailer.  You can read more about U-Pack’s liability coverage here: https://www.upack.com/about/liability.asp.  And if you have questions about it, make sure to ask a helpful U-Pack moving coordinator at 800-413-4799


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