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How Much Does PODS® Cost Compared to U-Pack

July 5th, 2016 - 2:26 PM

Compare PODS® moving cost to U-Pack®

If you’re looking at options for moving containers, you’ve probably discovered that the two companies most often compared are PODS® and U-Pack. While the services are fairly similar (a container is dropped off at your home, you load it and then it’s picked up and transported to your new home) there are a few important differences. In many cases, one of the top distinctions is cost — which leads to the question, “How much does PODS® cost in comparison to U-Pack?” To answer this question effectively, you have to put the companies side by side and explore how customers get a quote, understand why the costs are different and see how the services compare.

PODS<sup>®</sup> prices compared to U-Pack

PODS® pricing vs. U-Pack pricing​

Because prices change depending on location, time of year and the amount of items you’re moving, there’s really no way to give a “ballpark” estimate for PODS® rates or U-Pack rates. However, it is possible to get quotes from both companies and then compare the price for a specific move.

U-Pack offers online quotes that immediately show you the price after you’ve entered some basic information. Getting a PODS® moving cost estimate is a little more involved. After visiting the website and entering the details of your move, you’ll be given a reference number to use when you call for the price. While calling in for a quote isn’t super convenient, it’s doable.

Why PODS® costs are different from U-Pack costs

If you’ve compared quotes and you’re wondering why the PODS® cost is so different from the U-Pack cost, take a look at how U-Pack keeps rates low:

  • Efficient transportation. U-Pack ReloCube® moving containers are transported by ABF Freight® — the carrier with one of the safest, most efficient transportation systems in the industry. Because we use a proficient carrier, you’ll get your belongings in an estimated 2-5 business days, and we're able to pass cost savings on to you.
  • Broad coverage area. U-Pack services all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico through more than 230 moving service centers across the country.  This network lowers our over-the-road transportation costs and gives you quick and easy access to moving equipment when and where you need it — another time AND money-saver!
  • Pay only for the space you use. If you reserve two ReloCubes and only use one, you only pay for one. The same applies for U-Pack moving trailers — the per-foot rate allows you to use only the space you need. Customers love the flexibility to have extra space on hand if they need it. The space you don’t use is filled with commercial goods headed in the same direction, making transportation costs cheaper.
  • No franchise fees. U-Pack is owned and operated by the same company. That means no franchise fees are tacked on to your moving cost.

Comparing PODS® service options to U-Pack

We know there’s more to consider besides cost when deciding which service is best for your move. Take a look at PODS® storage cost, payment flexibility, equipment options and transit time in comparison to U-Pack.  

Storage costs and options

U-Pack storage is available if needed, but if you don’t need it, you don’t pay for it! Your moving quote shows an optional monthly storage rate. PODS® storage costs are automatically included as part of the 30 day moving time, with additional storage time available. However, if you want to move directly without storage, paying for the built-in 30 days isn’t ideal.

Payment flexibility

When it comes to payment options, U-Pack customers appreciate the flexibility. There’s no down payment or deposit — you just pay by credit card after your ReloCube containers are loaded and in transit. On the other hand, PODS® requires up-front payment approximately five days before the delivery day. Billing is set up on a monthly basis and ends when you’re finished using the container for storage, moving or both.

Equipment options

While you may be most interested in moving containers, U-Pack also offers moving trailers as another affordable choice — and in some cases trailer prices are cheaper! Moving in a trailer is flexible, just like moving in a ReloCube. The trailer is 28’ x 8’ x 9’, but you only pay for the space you use (down to a 5 ft. minimum). While PODS® does offer different sized containers, it can be difficult to estimate which size you need. That’s why the flexibility to load your belongings without having to know beforehand how much space you require makes U-Pack such a great option!

When you get your U-Pack quote, you may notice that we automatically select the most cost-effective option for the locations you’re moving from and to. If your quote doesn’t reflect the type of equipment you’re interest in (i.e. if you get a quote for a trailer, and would rather have a ReloCube), you can easily select the type of equipment you prefer online, or you can call us at 800-413-4799 and we’ll happily adjust it for you.

Transit time

Our transportation carriers are able to move your belongings quickly across the country. As you already know, your items will typically arrive in just 2-5 business days. You get three business days to load and three business days to unload — which means your entire move can be completed in as little as eight business days from start to finish. U-Pack also offers guaranteed delivery, just ask a moving consultant about it when you call.

In contrast, PODS® can take up to one month to complete your move. Their service covers 30 days including loading, storage, transportation and unloading. PODS® delivery depends on vehicle availability, which could make it difficult to coordinate moving plans.

What customers are saying about PODS® costs and services compared to U-Pack

At the completion of every U-Pack move, we send out a survey to ask customers about their experience. It’s an extremely helpful tool designed to let us know what we’re doing well and where we can improve. This is what previous U-Pack customers had to say about comparing PODS® moving cost and services to U-Pack.

“U-Pack was a convenient and affordable option to move across several states. The quote provided by U-Pack was over $1,000 less than PODS® and with two ReloCubes would provide the same amount of space. My mother recently used a full-service moving company to move states and had a terrible experience. I'm happy to say that my experience with U-Pack was excellent! There were no hidden charges or fees and my equipment was always on time! Thank you U-Pack for the excellent moving experience!” –C. McNair

“PODS® did not service destination, another outfit did not service origin. U-Pack did it all for us!” –A. Pomeroy

“I am completely satisfied with U-Pack. From the phone call to make a reservation to the day my ReloCube arrived at my final destination. Customer service is top notch, very informative and communicative through everything. I highly recommend them for a lesser cost than PODS®.” –A. Arcangel

“I recently relocated from Massachusetts to North Carolina. The biggest challenge with the move was determining how to get our things from one state to another. I considered renting a truck (e.g. U-Haul), other storage units (e.g. PODS®), or using a full-service mover (VERY expensive!) U-Pack ReloCubes was the most affordable, most convenient and most cost-effective choice. I was worried I would get what I paid for, but it was a terrific moving experience. Service was outstanding (they were prompt, patient and thorough while answering my questions, and always courteous)! I felt they took pride in their work, which is so appreciated these days! Price was better than all of the other alternatives I had considered. This was the farthest I had ever moved, but it was the easiest move thanks to U-Pack! I highly recommend them!” –K. Feldman

“I was thankful that the company really worked with me at every step. I was able to store on site and then have it picked up with only a few days’ notice. The driver that dropped it off was very helpful too! I didn’t negotiate much on price, but you were the lowest around (and with great customer service!) the customer service is what stood out from U-Box or PODS® by far! Makes it worth every cent when you are already juggling a lot with a big move. Thank you!” –A. Radicella

“I have recommended U-Pack to my past coworkers and friends who are moving. The reason is that it is cheaper than PODS® and a lot less stressful.” –D. Johnston

“Not only did I get a better quote ($600 cheaper than PODS®), but I spoke with awesome people. This company has super customer service and I never had a negative moment with any representative.” –K. Anderson

How can we help?

If U-Pack sounds like a good fit for you, get a free online quote today. If you have questions about moving or how U-Pack pricing compares to PODS®pricing, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call at 800-413-4799, or leave a comment below.


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