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How much does it cost to rent a moving truck one way?

May 2nd, 2016 - 3:12 PM

An alternative to one-way truck rental

If you’re searching for how much it costs to rent a moving truck for a one-way move, you’re probably looking for an affordable and reliable moving service. And that’s exactly what you should want! Though a rental truck may seem like the best bet from a price perspective, there’s an alternative to consider.

how much does it cost to rent a truck

One-way moving options

There are many ways to complete a one-way move, but if you’re looking for cost savings, the options are essentially limited to two types of services. You can:

  • Rent a truck. One-way truck rental means picking up a truck in one location, using it for your move and dropping it off in another location. This is a very common concept and likely what first comes to mind when considering a one-way move.
  • Use a “you pack, we drive” company. If you like the idea of a low-cost move but don’t want to do all of the work, this type of service may be exactly what you need. U-Pack® specializes in one-way moves where you do the packing and loading, but we do the driving. We bring a moving trailer or moving container, you fill it, we deliver it and you unload. Super easy!

How much does it cost to rent a moving truck?

Because every move is different, it’s difficult to give a standard price for renting a truck. However, if you have a few key pieces of information about your move (date range, to/from locations and how much you’re moving) getting a quote is easy! Once you have quotes from several companies, it’s simple to figure out which option is right for you.

Price quotes for one-way moves

Regardless of which moving service you use, the scheduling process is basically the same: get a quote (either online or over the phone) and make a reservation.  

Getting a quote from a rental truck company is fairly simple — just enter information about the move online or call a representative. You then choose a rental truck size based on their suggestion and make a reservation. Payment is made either when you reserve or when you pick up the truck.   

The U-Pack quote process works similarly, but rather than charging by truck size, it’s based on how much linear footage is used inside the 28-foot moving trailer or the number of containers you use. Even if your quote was for 10 feet of space, it’s always possible to add more or less (down to the minimum requirement of 5 linear feet in the trailer) This flexibility is why our quotes include a “per foot adjustment rate.” Simply add or subtract that value from the initial quote based on how much space you use.  Or, if you’re reserving containers, you can reserve as many as you think you need, then only pay for the ones you use. And because we won’t know how much to charge until the items are loaded, you don’t pay until then!

Watch this video about U-Pack pricing for more information: 

One-way truck rental price vs. U-Pack price

Now that we’ve explored how quotes work, let’s compare one-way moving costs. Keep in mind that these are only examples. Prices will fluctuate based on when, where and how much is being moved.

For this illustration, we’ll move a 2-bedroom apartment from San Diego, CA to Atlanta, GA (2,139 miles).

U-Haul® quote

The quoted price for a 17-foot U-Haul truck (recommended by U-Haul for a home up to 2 bedrooms) is $2,154.

Note that this quote is just for the price of the truck and doesn’t include other necessary items like liability coverage, tax and fuel. When these extra costs are added, the price goes up to $3,107.52 ($630 for fuel, $135 for Safemove® coverage, $5 environmental fee and $183.52 for sales tax).

Penske® quote

The quoted price for a 12-foot Penske truck (recommended by Penske for this move) is $1,939.50.

Similar to U-Haul, this price only includes renting the truck one way. Adding other fees raises the price to $2,734.38 ($630 for fuel, $9 environmental fee and $155.88 for sales tax). 

U-Pack® quote

To move a 2-bedroom apartment with U-Pack, we estimate using 13 feet of space in our moving trailer. The quoted price for this move is only $2,580 ($527.52 less than U-Haul and $154.38 less than Penske). This cost includes fuel, taxes, standard liability coverage and the driver.

If you want to see the cost of U-Pack for your specific move, get an online moving quote — it’s easy!

Things to know about renting a moving truck one way

Considering renting a truck for a one-way move? Keep in mind that rental truck reservations aren’t always guaranteed. A good example of this is the policy mentioned on the U-Haul website explaining that the reservation isn’t guaranteed until the day before pick-up, after the rental location representatives speak with you to agree on a pickup time, date and location. This could result in getting a truck that’s a different size than what was originally reserved. While it may not seem like a big issue, rental truck costs can quickly add up when putting gas in a larger, less fuel-efficient vehicle. Read more about rental truck gas mileage.

Another thing to note about rental trucks, if you’re moving with a family that needs to travel in the truck with you, is that there may not be room for everyone. While larger trucks have seating for three, some only have bucket seating for two people. If more seats are needed, you may need to drive separately (which means fueling two vehicles).

Instead of making your one-way move a complete DIY with a rental truck, make it affordable and easy with U-Pack! We combine exceptional price with quality service to provide the best moving experience possible. Plus, you don’t have to worry about driving the truck! Call us today to book a one-way move.  

Questions about one way truck rentals for moving?

Have a question about moving truck costs we didn’t answer? Let us know by leaving a comment below. We’re happy to help!

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