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How much does it cost to rent a moving truck one way?

July 16th, 2018 - 3:51 PM

Prices for one-way moving truck rentals

If you drive by a truck rental location, you might see signs advertising something like, “Trucks starting at $29.99!” That price point is very appealing, but may not be close to the rate you’ll get for your move if you’re moving one-way. Those prices are for a single day local rental. A one-way move that goes across the country can be very different. Explore the different costs and compare one-way truck rental to U-Pack® — a moving alternative where you don’t have to drive. 

one-way moving truck

Comparing one-way truck rental costs

Moving prices are based on factors like the origin and destination, the date, and the amount of stuff you’re moving, so it’s difficult to give a price without looking at the specifics of your move. However, looking at an example is an easy way to learn what to expect from different companies. 

Take a look at two popular moving truck options (U-Haul® and Penske®) along with U-Pack, a “you pack, we drive” service. See how rates compare for a move from San Diego, CA, to Atlanta, GA, with a two-bedroom home. We used the recommended equipment for that size home from each company, the rental truck fuel calculator for fuel costs, and the local San Diego tax rate of 7.5%.

U-Haul one way rates

The quoted price for a 20-foot truck was $3,688

Note that this quote is just for the price of the truck and doesn’t include liability coverage, taxes or fuel. With these extra costs added ($135 for Safemove® coverage, $276.60 for taxes, $881 for fuel), the total goes up to $4,980.60.

Costs for renting a Penske truck one way

The quoted price for a 22-foot Penske truck was $5,136.

Similar to U-Haul, this price includes renting the truck one-way only. Adding other fees ($881 for fuel, $200 for a Limited Damage Waiver and $385.20 in taxes), brings the total to $6,575.20

Costs for moving with U-Pack

A two-bedroom home should use 13 feet of space in a U-Pack moving trailer. The quoted price for this move was $3,866, which includes fuel, liability coverage and transportation (and no taxes). 

U-Pack was over $1,000 cheaper than U-Haul and over $2,700 cheaper than a Penske one-way moving truck. 

How does it work? You do the packing and loading, but we do the driving door-to-door. After you load your shipment and install the secure divider wall, we fill the rest of the trailer with commercial goods headed in the same direction. This helps cuts transportation costs, and we pass those savings on to you! Not only is it cheaper, it’s much easier since you don’t have to spend hours or days behind the wheel of an unfamiliar vehicle. 

Compare costs for one-way truck rental

Since every move is different and prices fluctuate based on when, where and how much you’re moving, it’s important to check costs for your move. Get a free quote from U-Pack to compare, or call us at 800-413-4799 to speak with a helpful moving consultant. 

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