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How Much Do Truck Rental Discounts Really Save?

March 28th, 2011 - 2:19 PM

How much do truck rental discounts really save?

Let's be honest, everyone loves a discount.  If you're moving, you're probably no exception!  While truck rental discounts may seem like a good deal, keep in mind the extra costs in addition to the basic rental rate when you're getting moving quotes.

Even with a truck rental discount, what's the full price?
Truck rental prices typically will not include fuel, taxes, or a collision damage waiver to protect the driver of the truck.  Make sure to add these costs in, so that you can determine your overall cost.

The gas mileage for most rental trucks is about 8 – 10 miles per gallon.  Here's an easy way to determine a conservative estimate of what your fuel costs will be:

(Total mileage of trip ÷ 8 miles per gallon) x cost per gallon in your area

A collision damage waiver can cost anywhere from $40 – $100 on average, depending on your moving locations. All of these extra costs can add up quick!

What you'll save with truck rental discounts
Truck rental discounts usually give about 10% off of the total rental quote.  It usually helps me to put an actual number to a percentage, so here are some examples:

  • 10% of $150 = $15
  • 10% of $537 = $53.70
  • 10% of $1,000 = $100
  • 10% of $1,842 = $184.42

That means that even if you save 10% with a truck rental discount, you'll still be responsible for the extra fees not listed on a rental truck quote (such as road tolls, taxes, and additional meals and hotel stays from being on the road longer).

Who qualifies for truck rental discounts?
Truck rental discounts are usually available for military members, students, and AAA members. U-Pack offers many of the same discounts at rates that are comparable to truck rental— and you don't have to drive.

Compare truck rental discounts to other moving options
When you consider each the factors that can affect truck rental discounts, the total amount saved likely won't cover the extra expenses. Get a free moving quote from U-Pack and compare— you might like what you find! 

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