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How Do U-Haul Charges Compare to U-Pack?

June 1st, 2012 - 3:48 PM

It’s Flashback Friday! Each week we take a look back at a post that readers have found helpful in the past. Today’s post: How Do U-Haul Charges Compare to U-Pack? We hope it helps you make your decision! Happy Friday!

I could give a biased answer here and just start out by saying that U-Pack is clearly the better option. But since I myself appreciate good reasoning, I think it’s better to present a few points about U-Haul charges in comparison to U-Pack when it comes to long-distance moving, and let you be the judge.

But before you start comparing, go ahead and get a moving quote from U-Pack. It’s free, and you’ll get it instantly. Now, once you have a starting point, let the comparisons begin.

U-Haul charges can cost more than you think
The first thing to remember when you’re weighing your moving options is that you’ll need to consider not only what U-Haul charges, but also what U-Haul doesn’t charge. I’m referring to what is commonly known as “soft costs.” They’re the “extras” that aren’t listed on a quote. If you opt for a rental truck, soft costs may include things like fuel, sales tax, road tolls, meals along the way, hotel stays, etc. These additional costs can significantly increase the overall price tag on your move, and it may end up costing much more than the original U-Haul charges you planned on. Not cool.

U-Haul charges vs. U-Pack charges
You may be thinking “won’t I have some of those costs no matter how I move?” With U-Pack, your price already includes the driver, fuel and road tolls, and sales tax doesn’t apply. Most rental trucks average between 6-10 miles per gallon – at current gas prices, that’s at least $900 just in fuel costs for a 1,700 mile move! Since U-Pack does the driving, there’s no need to worry about the fuel.

Did you know that the recommended maximum driving speed for a rental truck is 55 mph? (45 if you’re towing a car behind)? Slower speeds and the careful maneuvering that’s required when driving a rental truck can tack extra driving days on to your move. Who needs that? With U-Pack you’ll be able to drive in the comfort of your own vehicle, or even catch a flight to your new home – which saves on extra hotel stays and meals. A you pack, we drive moving company like U-Pack reduces all of those soft costs, allowing you more opportunity to stay within your moving budget.

Questions about how U-Pack can save money over typical U-Haul charges when you’re moving long distance? Let us know!