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Free Moving Announcements

March 11th, 2010 - 11:43 AM

Tell everyone you're moving

If you're moving and want to tell everyone your new address, save a stamp (hey, every cent counts when you're on a moving budget). Send moving announcements via email.

There's a great selection of free moving announcements to choose from - whether you need a card that says, "We're moving", "I'm moving", or even a pleading invite to a packing party, you're covered.

Your concern may be similar to what mine might be - giving out friend's and family's email addresses is kind of considered a no-no. Who wants to subject their loved ones to a bombardment of unsolicited emails? Not me. The good news is that U-Pack practices permission marketing. That means we don't save or share the email addresses you enter when you send free moving announcements. It's just a cool little moving tool we offer.

Here are a few examples for your viewing pleasure...