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Farewell Party Ideas

July 18th, 2018 - 1:28 PM

The best going away party ideas on the internet

Yes, that’s a big claim to make — but as a moving service, we understand goodbyes and all the emotions they bring. There’s excitement for the new chapter to come and sadness at leaving loved ones. The occasion surrounding a farewell party can be complicated because of all the feelings involved, but leaving on a happy note is important. Throwing a goodbye party is a great way to send your friend or loved on their way with a bunch of happy memories. 

going away party ideas

Farewell party ideas and tips

These themes can lend themselves to unique food, fun outfits for the guests, or awesome décor. Small touches, like the plates and napkins, can even be matched to the party motif. Set the stage for a memorable party with one of these great farewell party ideas:

  • Western Party (Happy Trails)
  • Fiesta Party (Let’s Taco Bout You Leaving)
  • Breakfast Party (We Donut Want to See You Go)
  • Dessert Party (A Sweet Ending)
  • Costume Party (Don’t You Forget About Meme)

Happy Trails

Grab a cowboy hat and boots for this shindig. Make country western décor shine with paisley print bandanas, red checkered tablecloths, hay bales and other traditional looks. Serve barbecue and southern sweet tea. For favors, guests can create their own trail mix by setting out ingredients like nuts, dried fruit, candy and cereals along with bags. If your guest of honor likes to dance, lead everyone in a line dance class (either hire a local instructor or teach yourself from a YouTube video). 

For party games, try a roast and toast. Give guests a few minutes to write down their favorite memories, and let them each take time to give a toast to the guest of honor. Encourage each guest to give a piece of wisdom to help wish “happy trails to you, until we meet again.”

Let’s Taco Bout You Leaving

A fiesta awaits with this goodbye party theme. Bright colors and cactus sombreros will bring the space to life. The food could be a build-your-own taco bar — several types of shells, meat and toppings. For entertainment, stuff a piñata full of candy or prizes and let each guest cake a turn at breaking it open. It’s an exciting activity for kids or adults. If you really want something unique, hire a mariachi band to make a surprise appearance. 

Have guests play an anagram game.  An anagram is where you can rearrange the letters of a word to make a new word (like cider/cried or conversation/voices rant on). So for this game, set a timer (3-5 minutes is usually plenty of time) and take the phrase “Adios Amigo” to see how many words guests can create using those letters. The winner has the most words! Hint: there are 154 words made out of this phrase. 

We Donut Want to See You Go

This going away party theme would work for guests of any age. Of course, this party will feature a spread of sweet treats — you could even set out frosting and sprinkles and let guests decorate their own delicacy. Don’t forget the milk (or coffee for the adults). For a kid’s party, give them modeling dough and let them create toy treats. Or play Bingo and use donut-shaped cereal as game markers.

For the party game, send guests on a tape and marker hunt. Hide several rolls of packing tape and markers around the party venue, and tell guests to find them! For example, you could hide 10 items and put a sign out that says, “Beth can’t pack without markers and tape! There are 5 rolls of packing tape and 5 markers hidden throughout the living room and dining room. The guest who finds the most by the time the last donut is eaten wins a prize!” (Great hiding places include taped under chairs, hidden in potted plants, and in curio cabinets with figurines.)

A Sweet Ending

Create a delicious spread of desserts for this party (which would be perfect for an office gathering, either going away or retirement). Cakes, pies, cookies, brownies and other treats will take the bitter out of the bittersweet farewell. To decorate, think Willy Wonka: oversized lollipops and bright colors. Use candy bites as the base for floral arrangements or candle displays, and make a candy treat bag buffet so guests can take home their own mix of sweets.

To entertain guests between sweet treats, play a memory game. Take a moving box and fill it with household items (some ordinary, some unique) that would get packed during a move. Set it on a table and give every guest 30 seconds to look inside (you can decide if they can touch the items or not). After everyone has had a chance to peek inside the box, have them try and recall every item. The person who writes down the most items wins an entire pie to take home! (Some ideas to put inside: shoes, toiletries, silverware, books, figurines, scissors, a canned good, remote control, etc.)

Don’t You Forget about Meme

Does the guest of honor love sending GIFs and funny memes? Then this pop culture party will provide the perfect goodbye. Ask guests to come dressed as their favorite meme or pop culture reference. Decorate with celebrity things, like stars and film reels.  

Since everyone will be dressed up, this is the perfect party for a photo booth. Hang up a backdrop (a tablecloth or sheet works!), gather some fun props (hats, boas, sunglasses) and snap away. You can either appoint someone to act as the photographer, provide a selfie stick or use a tripod and a self-timer. Make sure the guest of honor gets a copy of the photos afterward.

Farewell party planning tips

As you organize and plan, these tips will help make the farewell party a success:

  • Invite the guests in plenty of time. Give everyone at least a few weeks’ notice before the party date. Send invitations online or through the mail, and be sure to include the important information: date, time, location, RSVP info, dress code (is there a theme to dress up for?), and whether it’s a surprise.
  • Find people to help. Talk to other friends, family members or coworkers to help put everything together — give everyone a task to work on.
  • Reserve a location. Book the location as early as possible. Find out if the location allows decorations to be taped to the walls, outside food to be brought in, etc.
  • Prepare a great playlist. Our going away party playlist has lots of ideas for the perfect mix of songs. 
  • Decorate to fit the theme. If there’s no special theme, decorate with moving boxes — and let guests write well-wishes on them (then the guest of honor can use them for packing). Or if it’s a farewell party for someone traveling or deploying, you could decorate with the flags of the countries of travel or with things like airplanes and luggage tags. 
  • Give a memorable gift. Choose a gift that’s sentimental, like a picture with a photo mat that guests can sign, or choose something more practical, like packing supplies. You also can’t go wrong with cash or gift cards. Check out more going away gift ideas here. 

Share your farewell party ideas with us!

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