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Enterprise Truck Rental Comparison

June 6th, 2018 - 1:43 PM

Will an Enterprise® rental truck work for your move?

Even if you’ve never had Enterprise “pick you up,” you’re likely familiar with the company. So when thinking about moving, their green and white trucks might come to mind. But while they’re great for car rental, the service may not work for every move. Take a look at how Enterprise truck rental works, the types of equipment offered, and compare prices to see if it’s a good fit. 

Enterprise rental trucks

Enterprise trucks: How they work

Moving with Enterprise works like any other truck rental company: you pick up the truck, load your stuff, drive it to the destination, unload and return the equipment. The biggest difference is that these trucks are only available for round-trip moves. That means you pick up and return to the same location. So for moves across states, you would have to drive back to return the truck — not an ideal situation. 

If you were looking to rent an Enterprise truck one-way, U-Pack is a great alternative. Prices compare to truck rental, but you don’t have to drive. Instead, U-Pack delivers your belongings door to door. Get a free moving quote to see how much it costs, and keep reading to learn more about how U-Pack and Enterprise compare. 


Enterprise has several equipment options including some with lift gates:

  • 15’ parcel van
  • 16’ cabover truck with lift gate
  • 24’ box truck with lift gate
  • 26’ box truck with lift gate
  • An assortment of cargo vans
  • ½ ton, ¾ ton and 1 ton pickup trucks

Each location has their own equipment, but because vehicles are constantly on the move, Enterprise can’t guarantee a vehicle make or model until you arrive. 

U-Pack offers two types of equipment: ReloCube containers and the moving trailer. Cubes are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ metal portable storage containers that hold the contents of about one room. The moving trailer is 28’ x 8’ x 9’, and it can hold anywhere from a studio apartment to a 4-bedroom home. You can use as many ReloCubes or as much space in the trailer as you need. A moving quote will estimate your space based on the size of your home. 


Enterprise doesn’t rent towing equipment, but they do allow you to tow your own equipment with some of their pickup trucks. Since make and models vary between locations, towing may not be available everywhere. And, there are some towing restrictions that depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations for the particular vehicle. 

Rental requirements

To drive an Enterprise rental truck, a valid government-issued driver’s license and proof of insurance are required — a special license (like a CDL) is not required. You also must meet their age and other rental requirements, which vary by location, and fees may be assessed for renters ages 21-24. Contact the nearest location to learn more about specific requirements. 

U-Pack doesn’t require anything but a credit card on file to reserve a move. Customers must be 18 years old, and there’s no down payment (nothing is charged to the card on file until the move is in transit).  


While Enterprise car rental is available in many places, truck rentals are a bit more limited. Locations are currently listed in 43 states and Puerto Rico, but since they are typically in metro areas, you may need to travel to pick up and return the equipment. 

U-Pack has access to more than 230 service centers with door-to-door coverage in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Get a moving quote to check serviceability to your zip code.

Compare Enterprise truck rental prices

Price is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to choosing a moving service. 

Enterprise rental truck costs are based on the equipment you choose, the timeframe for the rental, and the miles driven. For example, a sample move for a 24’ box truck with lift gate in Dallas, TX was quoted at:

  • $599.99 for one week
  • $0.21 cents per mile
  • If you don’t need the truck for an entire week, the cost was $119.99 per day

This doesn’t include fuel, taxes or other fees.

U-Pack rates are based on where you’re moving to/from, the amount of space you’ll use and the move date. The quote includes equipment, transportation and basic liability coverage, and there is no additional charge for fuel or taxes. For information about U-Pack prices, you can read more about U-Pack price comparisons here, or get a moving quote online.

Have questions about Enterprise truck rental moving services?

Call 800-413-4799 with any questions. We’re always here to help!

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