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Enclosed Trailer Rentals

March 7th, 2018 - 1:26 PM

Cargo trailer rentals for long-distance moving

Does one of these sound like you?

  • You’re moving a small amount and looking for an easy way to move without driving a rental truck
  • You need to move belongings, a car and your family
  • You have too much stuff for a rental truck and need more loading space

If one or more of these situations fit your move, you may have considered renting a trailer. Keep reading to learn more. 

enclosed trailer rentals

What to consider when renting an enclosed trailer

No matter what they’re called — enclosed, cargo or box trailers — they’re all basically the same. For this post, we’re talking about fully enclosed trailers that people tow behind a personal vehicle or a rental truck. These come in many different sizes depending on the rental company. For example, U-Haul® offers four trailer sixes: 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 8’, 5’ x 10’ and 6’ x 12’, and the right size depends on the amount of stuff being move. Before signing the rental agreement, consider these things:

Towing equipment

The towing vehicle requires the right style and size hitch, and this depends on the trailer type and weight class. There are two types of hitches: fixed tongue and receiver style. Fixed tongue hitches are permanently installed, and receiver-style hitches are removable. The most common hitch sizes are 1 1/4” to 2”. If you’re planning to rent a trailer, ask the rental company if your hitch will work with their equipment.

Tow chains and plugs are also needed. Tow chains attach to the vehicle and trailer for added security. Plugs come in different styles, from 4-way to 7-way, and having the correct size is necessary for the lights on the trailer to work.  

Trailer sway

When towing, it’s not unusual to experience trailer sway — a sort of fishtailing movement caused by the extra weight behind the vehicle. While some minor sway is normal, improper loading or driving habits can cause the driver to lose control or drift across lanes. Load most of the weight into the front half of the box trailer and properly inflate tires to avoid excessive trailer sway.

Decreased gas mileage

One of the most significant considerations for a long-distance move is the impact towing has on fuel efficiency. According to Fueleconomy.gov, every extra 100 pounds of weight on a vehicle decreases fuel efficiency by 1%. A fully loaded 6’ x 12’ cargo trailer could weigh over 4,000 pounds, causing a significant decrease in gas mileage. For example, a vehicle that typically gets around 30 MPG might only get 13 MPG when towing a fully-loaded trailer. And for a trip across the country, extra fuel costs can add up.

How to move without renting a cargo trailer

If an enclosed trailer rental isn’t the most convenient solution, you have options that don’t involve towing. In fact, it’s possible to move without having to drive at all.

U-Pack offers two great solutions: a moving trailer or moving containers. Both options are simple:

  • We deliver the equipment
  • You load
  • We deliver to your new home
  • You unload
  • We pick up the empty equipment

Since U-Pack delivers door-to-door, you can travel with your family in the comfort of your vehicle without having to tow a cargo trailer.

U-Pack equipment sizes

How do U-Pack trailers and containers compare to enclosed trailers? Our moving trailers are 8’ x 9’ x 28’. And while that’s bigger than any cargo trailer rental, you can use as little as five linear feet or up to the entire trailer. U-Pack ReloCube containers are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ — use one or multiple, and pay just for what you use.

Compare U-Pack space to common box trailer sizes:


  • A U-Pack ReloCube has approximately 305 cubic feet of space
  • The minimum space in a moving trailer (5 linear feet) is approximately 360 cubic feet of space
  • Each additional linear foot in a trailer adds 72 cubic feet of loading space

Cargo trailers

  • 4’ x 8’ trailer has around 140 cubic feet of loading space
  • 5’ x 8’ trailer has around 208 cubic feet of space
  • 5’ x 10’ trailer has around 230 cubic feet of space
  • 6’ x 12’ trailer has around 396 cubic feet of space

With U-Pack, you don’t have to worry about selecting the right equipment size. We can deliver multiple Cubes if needed, or just use as much trailer space as you need — more or less space is available (down to the 5 ft. minimum). The price will reflect the final footage or number of Cubes.   

Compare prices

For many moves, U-Pack prices compare to renting a truck with a cargo trailer — especially after factoring in extras like fuel and damage coverage. Click for a free moving quote to check prices for your move. Or call 800-413-4799 to get a quote over the phone from a helpful moving consultant.

Have questions about cargo trailers?

If you’re searching for additional information that we didn’t cover here, we can help! Just leave a comment below or give us a call.

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