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Do you need a live load?

July 10th, 2015 - 3:32 PM

What’s a live load?

When moving with U-Pack®, some customers must do a “live load” move. It differs from a typical door-to-door move in that instead of loading within a few days, you load within a few hours.

Here’s how it works:

  • U-Pack delivers the equipment to your home
  • The driver stays with the equipment while you load
  • You have a set number of hours to load
  • Once loading is complete, U-Pack takes the equipment away and your move begins

Customers who need live loads typically live in big cities where, due to heavy traffic and limited parking, U-Pack equipment isn’t allowed to be present for more than a few hours. If you’re moving to a big city, you’ll follow the same process for unloading.

Watch this video to learn how U-Pack handles big city moves.



A video about city moving with U-Pack

Do I need a live load?

While most live loads are required for areas in New York and Chicago, it’s a good idea to call a U-Pack moving consultant at 800-413-4799 during normal business hours to learn exactly how your address is serviced – especially if you live in a big city. When you call, have your origin and destination ZIP codes ready so we can provide the most accurate information about your move.

How much time will I have to load?

To comply with city regulations, U-Pack gives customers up to 4 hours of loading time. There are some instances where the loading time is a 1 or 2 hour window, depending on the location. If you exceed the allotted time, there’s a charge of $80 per additional hour.

Here are some of our most popular live load locations and their corresponding load times:

  • New York, NY: 4 hour window
  • Staten Island, NY: 4 hour window
  • Brooklyn, NY: 4 hour window
  • Chicago, IL: 2 hour window
  • Bedford Park, IL: 2 hour window
  • Seattle: 1 hour window

How do I schedule a live load?

When you reserve your move, you’ll choose a delivery date and estimated delivery time on that day to do your live load. If you’re doing a 4-hour load, these are the usual time slots you can choose from:

  • 8 AM to 12 PM
  • 12 PM to 4 PM
  • 4 PM to 8 PM

The delivery window you select is an estimate only, and your loading time begins when the equipment arrives. For example, if you select the 8 AM to 12 PM time frame with a 4-hour live load, and your equipment arrives at 10 AM, you’ll have until 2 PM to load your items.

Can I choose a specific arrival time for the equipment?

You can with U-Pack Guaranteed. For an additional $75, you can guarantee a 2-hour delivery window, or for an additional $150, you can guarantee a 1-hour delivery window. We highly recommend guaranteeing your delivery if you plan to use moving labor to help you load, or you want to ensure your equipment arrives during a specific 1 or 2 hour window (instead of a 4-hour window).

To add Guaranteed Delivery, call 800-413-4799 and a moving consultant will be happy to assist you.

Tips for doing a live load

Preparation is key to a successful move. Take a look at these tips to make your live load go as smooth as possible.

  • Take care of parking, pronto

In big cities, parking space comes at a premium. If you don’t have access to private parking or a loading zone at your property, check with your city or local police department about obtaining a parking permit for on-street parking. U-Pack customers are responsible for ensuring there’s enough room for the equipment on moving day, and are also responsible for any parking violations on moving day. The trailer requires a total parking clearance of 50’ in length and 14’ in height, and the Cube requires 47’ in length for the flatbed trailer, and 14’ in height. The Cube itself is 6’ x 7’ x 8’ and fits into a single parking space.

  • Reserve the loading zone and/or freight elevator

If your property has a loading zone, freight elevator, or both, reserve these spaces early to ensure you have complete access on moving day. Some properties will only have certain times when you can reserve these spaces, so be sure it coincides with the delivery time you choose.

  • Schedule your help around your delivery

Whether you hire moving labor or ask friends and family to help you load, it’s a good idea to schedule their arrival around the arrival of the equipment. If you opt for a guaranteed delivery window, you can have a better idea of when to schedule your help.

  • Be ready to load before the equipment arrives

To stay within your loading timeframe, have all of your items ready and waiting to be loaded when the equipment arrives. It’s also a good idea to be ready with the supplies you need to secure your items inside the equipment, such as ratchet straps, rope, and bungee cords.

  • Have a friend stay with your belongings as you load

In busy cities, it’s a good idea to have someone keep an eye on your items while you’re loading or carrying items outside.

Is there an alternative to a live load?

U-Pack provides two options if you don’t think a live load is feasible at your location:

The first option is to find another location that will allow you to park the equipment overnight, giving you three full days to load your items. U-Pack will need to approve the alternate location before agreeing to deliver the equipment there. For most areas, U-Pack can deliver to any safe, legal location that can accommodate the trailer or Cube.

The other option is to bring your items to our local service center for loading, where you’ll have more time and flexibility. While it may mean a little more work on your part, the cost savings can be substantial – on average, customers who do a “terminal-to-terminal” move save $300. If you’re interested in this option, call 800-413-4799 and a moving consultant will set it up.

What about a live unload?

A live unload occurs when, due to limited parking, the driver must wait with the equipment while the customer unloads. If your address requires a live unload, take the same steps to secure parking, the freight elevator/loading zone, and moving crew as you would for a live load. You can guarantee a specific delivery window for when your items will arrive, but not without guaranteeing a specific delivery day. A moving consultant will be able to help you set up guaranteed delivery for your live unload.

Ready to schedule your live load move?

Call 800-413-4799 and a friendly moving consultant will be happy to help. You can also get a free, instant moving quote online and reserve your move with a few clicks. And, don’t forget to add guaranteed delivery to fit your moving day schedule. Leave a comment below with your questions and we’ll answer right away. Happy moving!