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Complete a Navy Move

August 31st, 2016 - 10:39 AM

Did you receive Navy PCS orders?

Are you among the many men and women in the Navy with permanent change of station (PCS) orders? If so, you’re not alone. According to the United States Navy, an average of 178,000 sailors are required to relocate each year. U-Pack® takes pride in helping many of these service members make a successful long distance move. And because we understand that moving across the country is difficult, especially when there are specific regulations to follow, we work hard to help make this transition easier. U-Pack has military moving experts available, flexible moving options to choose from and a helpful move plan. The information below can help you decide if a Navy move with U-Pack is right for you.

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What are my options?  

When making a Navy PCS, you have two options — a personally procured move (PPM) or a full-service move paid for by the military. For those who may not be familiar with a PPM (also known as a DITY move), it means the government will reimburse you for transferring your belongings yourself. PPMs are allowed for orders like temporary duty assignments, separation, retirement or assignments to, from or between stations. While some would rather have the government complete the entire move for them, others like the idea of a PPM. Not only are you in complete control of your move, but you also have the chance to pocket any left over money.

Learn more about what to do when you get PCS orders.

Can I get paid to move with the Navy?

If you’re willing to put in a little extra work, you could get paid to move your household goods. Here’s what we mean by that: A PPM is designed to allow Navy members to move themselves for cheaper costs than what the government would. Military members can use a truck rental company or a “you pack, we drive” service like U-Pack. With either option, the government reimburses for all or most of the move as long as the total doesn’t exceed the amount they would have paid. If you can move all your belongings for less than 95 percent of that amount, you get to keep the difference!

Contact your Personal Property Transportation Office (PTO) representative to see what your move qualifies for.

How do I begin a Navy PPM?

Completing a PPM is simple if you follow the steps required by the government. Here are the Navy PCS instructions you need upon receiving orders:

  • Schedule an appointment with your base’s PTO
  • Request and apply for a PPM
  • Discuss with your PTO the required forms and specifics for your move
  • After approval and everything is in order, find a reliable moving service

How does U-Pack handle Navy moves?

As a hybrid service, you pack and load your items, then we drive it to your new location. This way you can travel in the comfort of your own vehicle, or catch a flight. We deliver to areas within the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska), Puerto Rico and Canada. You can also customize your delivery options. We offer door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, door-to-terminal or terminal-to-door deliveries. When booking your move, you can select the option that best fits your situation.

And the great thing about U-Pack is we charge according to how much space you use in our moving trailer (down to a 5 ft. minimum) or the number of our moving containers you fill. Which means the less space you use, the more money you’ll get to keep from what the government would be paying. Our prices are also comparable to truck rental, and you don’t even have to drive!  

It’s a convenient and affordable way to do a Navy PPM.

How many weight tickets do I need?

Weight tickets are documented proof of how much your household goods weigh and are necessary in order for the military to reimburse you.

If you use a rental truck service for your Navy PPM, (where you do the packing, loading and driving) three weight tickets are required — one empty and one full at origin, and an additional full at destination.

But, if you use U-Pack, you are only required to turn in two weight tickets — one certified empty and one full weight ticket. This is because common commercial carriers, like U-Pack, have an agreement with the military that only require two weight tickets instead of three.

Though U-Pack prices are based on space rather than weight, we understand that your PCS reimbursement relies heavily on accurate weight tickets. That’s why we assign a military specialist to each Navy move. Your appointed expert will make sure the weight tickets are filled out correctly and delivered in a timely manner once the move is finished.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Before the equipment is dropped off, the driver weighs it empty on a certified scale
  • The driver drops it at your location for you to load
  • After it’s loaded, the driver weighs it again full
  • Upon delivery at your new location, the driver gives you a copy of the full/empty weight tickets to submit for reimbursement

For additional copies of your weight tickets, you can print as many as you need through the U-Pack Document Retrieval tool. Just enter your tracking number, reference number and then select weight certificate in the document type drop-down menu.

Tips for a successful move

Here are some tips for a successful Navy PPM move:

Use our military checklist. The PCS checklist is designed to guide you through your move from start to finish. It offers detailed instructions for what to do immediately after receiving PCS orders along with an eight week moving schedule to help you stay on track.

Purchase reliable moving supplies. Keep your belongings safe and secure by using sturdy boxes and quality materials that are made for moving. Easily order these moving supplies from the U-Pack box store, and get FREE shipping on all items. Because these supplies are considered moving expenses, they may be a reimbursable expense. Just be sure to ask your PTO so that you know what’s covered.  

Purge unnecessary items. With U-Pack, moving less means your shipment takes up less space in the trailer, and the result is a lower cost to movePlan to donate, sell or trash any belongings you no longer want or need.   

Keep all receipts. This is super important if you want to get reimbursed for your Navy move. Be sure to keep a folder with your Bill of Lading, receipts, weight tickets and any forms related to your move. You’ll need to submit them to your PTO for reimbursement.

Is U-Pack right for me?

A Navy DITY move with U-Pack has many advantages:

  • You can make money on your move
  • You don’t have to drive a bulky rental truck
  • You control your move from start to finish
  • Average transit times of just 2-5 business days

If you’re interested in a PPM move with U-Pack, get a free online quote or call a U-Pack consultant at 800-413-4799 to start setting up your move. Each estimate includes the cost of the equipment, driver, fuel, sales tax, road tolls and damage coverage.

Be sure to let us know you’re completing a Navy PPM that way we can give you a military discount! We’ll also assign a Navy specialist to your move who will keep an accurate track of your weight tickets.

If you have any other questions about Navy moves leave a comment below, and we’ll get right back to you — it’s a privilege to serve our military members!

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