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Compare U-Haul Rates to U-Pack Rates

June 23rd, 2017 - 10:15 AM

Which self-moving service offers the best value: U-Haul® or U-Pack®?

You know that keeping costs low likely means choosing a DIY moving service, but with all the options available, how do you decide which company to go with? Truck rental has a reputation for low rates, so companies like U-Haul® are often a consideration when looking for cheap ways to move. But truck rental isn’t the only money-saving option. U-Pack® was designed as an affordable alternative for long-distance moves. You pack, load and unload, but you don’t have to drive. Compare what you get with U-Pack to what you get with a U-Haul, then check prices to determine which is the best value for your move.

Compare U-Haul quotes to U-Pack quotes

Compare the services

Taking a side-by-side look at how U-Pack and U-Haul work is a good place to start (and helps with price comparisons later).

U-Haul is a traditional truck rental company. That means you’re responsible for all aspects of the move, including picking up the rental, loading, driving, unloading and returning the truck. Rates include rental of the truck, then you can add things like liability coverage, tow dolly for your vehicle, etc., for an additional fee. Because it’s a true DIY service, you’re responsible for fuel, taxes and highway tolls along the way.

U-Pack is a hybrid service. That means you pack, load and unload, and U-Pack handles the driving. We deliver the equipment directly to your location, and pick it up after it’s unloaded. There’s no additional charge for fuel, taxes or standard liability coverage.  

Getting a quote

U-Haul quote process

U-Haul offers quotes online, over the phone, or in person at their service centers. Here’s how the process works:

  • You tell them where you’re moving to and from, the pickup date and time
  • They provide a set number of days and miles to complete the move based on the origin and destination locations
  • You select a truck size based on your home size, and add additional options such as towing, damage protection, boxes and packing supplies and loading or unloading help if needed

Once those steps are complete, a quote is issued. The quote includes the base U-Haul rate (which covers the equipment for a set number of days and miles), Environmental Fee and any add-ons you selected.  

U-Pack quote process

U-Pack offers quotes online or over the phone. To provide one, we need to know:

  • Where you’re moving to/from
  • When you’re moving
  • The size of the home

U-Pack quotes include the prices for both moving options: moving container(s) or moving trailer (if both are available in your location). You can toggle between each of these options online, or a consultant can review them with you over the phone. You’ll see the linear footage being quoted for a trailer move and the number of containers being quoted for a ReloCube move, along with the estimated transit time, and other important move information.

Compare costs

Take a look at this example move to see how U-Haul rates compare to U-Pack rates.

(*Note that this is an example move — rates are based on several factors including locations, move date and equipment type — and can change daily).

Let’s say you have a two-bedroom home in San Jose, CA and are moving to Indianapolis, IN.  

  • U-Haul quotes a 20’ truck (1015 cubic feet capacity) and gives 8 days and 2,747 miles to complete the move
  • U-Pack quotes a comparable 15 linear feet of space in a moving trailer (1080 cubic feet capacity)

Here’s how the costs breakdown:

  • For U-Haul, the equipment rental rate is $2,844. Add the U-Haul environmental fee ($5), their Safemove® coverage ($140) and taxes ($263.07 based on the 9.25% rate in San Jose) to the costs. On top of that, fuel is estimated to be $758. In total, this move would cost approximately $4,010.07.
  • The cost to move with U-Pack is $3,646, with no additional charges unless you need to use more space in the trailer.

As you can see from the two prices above, for this sample move, you could save $364 by moving with U-Pack.

Compare U-Haul rates to U-Pack prices for your move

To compare U-Pack and U-Haul rates for your specific move, start with a U-Pack quote online or call a moving consultant at 800-413-4799. We’re happy to help.

Need help getting a quote or have questions about long distance moving? Leave a comment below.


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