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Cheapest Way to Ship Furniture to Another State

February 29th, 2016 - 4:04 PM

Affordable furniture shipping solutions

If you're sending at least one room of furniture and/or boxes to another state, U-Pack is an excellent solution. Not only is it an affordable alternative to full-service furniture movers, but it's also convenient. It’s a great option when you need to ship a couch, bed, and just a few pieces of furniture. We can handle shipments of one room’s worth of furniture up to an entire house! Let's take a more in-depth look at how it works, what makes U-Pack the cheapest way to ship furniture, and how to prepare your stuff for shipping.

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How does U-Pack ship furniture?

U-Pack is designed to be an affordable option for shipping furniture. We pride ourselves on keeping costs low while also delivering excellent customer service. Our service works like this: We deliver a clean, empty trailer or container to your home, you load your items, and then we deliver to your new home in your new state. It’s that simple.

Starting the process is super easy: Get an instant quote online or by phone, then when you're ready to make a reservation, you can do that online or by phone, too! If you need help figuring out your shipping needs, or you have questions, we offer tons of online resources — including handy space estimator tools — or you can reach a helpful moving consultant by phone at 800-413-4799.

What makes U-Pack the cheapest way to ship furniture

Weight vs. Space. The price in your moving quote is based on the linear footage your furniture shipment takes up inside the trailer (with a 5 ft. minimum) or the number of Cubes you use. (Learn more about how “pay by the linear foot” works). It's a great alternative to paying based on the weight of your shipment because it's easier to estimate your space, and it's easier to control your cost by packing and loading efficiently. Think about it: if you’re going to ship a couch, it’s much easier to look at it and determine how big it is versus how much it weighs. It’s easier to estimate your space needs rather than the weight you’ll be shipping. U-Pack gives you the flexibility to use the space you need and pay only for what you use.

Equipment Options. We offer two different equipment types based on availability. When you get a quote, we will automatically give you the cheapest option available for your particular shipment (based on your date, your shipment size, and your location.) However, we put you in control. If more than one equipment type is available, you can see the different prices and choose which option you like best.

Transit system. When it comes to saving you money compared to other furniture shipping solutions, our transportation system is a huge benefit. Our primary transportation partner, ABF Freight®, utilizes an efficient linehaul system to move your belongings across the country. This means that your belongings arrive quickly at a very reasonable cost. Most shipments arrive in just 2-5 business days!

Compare U-Pack to other state to state furniture movers

As you examine your options, there are a few other things that make U-Pack stand out

  • No transfer of belongings. There’s only one household goods shipment per trailer or Cube, so no worries about co-mingling or unloading in transit. Once you secure your furniture and other belongings, they stay in the same container they’re loaded in until you unload at the destination.
  • Pay for the space you use. As we mentioned above, you're not locked into your space before you move. You're in control! You can use as little as 5 linear feet or as much as the entire trailer or somewhere in between, depending on your needs and how you load your items. Your moving quote includes a "per-foot adjustment rate," which means that you literally pay for the exact amount of feet you need – nothing more and nothing less. If you choose the moving container option, reserve as many Cubes as you think you'll need — then you only pay for the ones you use. You don’t get charged for empty Cubes. Customers love the flexibility.
  • Delivery Options. Most of our shipments are delivered door to door; however, we also offer discounted options for those who are looking for additional savings, or for those who can’t do on-site delivery. With over 240 service centers across the U.S. (plus Canada and Puerto Rico), you have the option of loading or unloading at one of our service centers. We call that a terminal move. You can do a terminal-to-door move, a door-to-terminal move, or a terminal-to-terminal move.
  • Customize your furniture shipping service. There are several additional services you can add to your shipment. If you need help with the loading and unloading, we can recommend moving labor services. Need your shipment fast or at a particular time? We offer guaranteed and expedited service. Or if you need storage, you can add that, too. It's easy to customize your shipment and get the perfect mix of services to fit your situation. Talk to a moving consultant to get the details on these services.

How to get the cheapest cost for shipping furniture

Ship terminal-to-terminal. While this does require a bit more work when shipping furniture, it comes with significant savings. You can load into the trailer or Cube at a local service center, and then pick up from a service center at the destination — most customers save an average of $300 or more this way (keep in mind that savings differ by location). Ask your moving consultant about terminal-to-terminal prices.

Use good packing skills. As we mentioned, your price is based on the linear footage your furniture takes up inside the trailer or the number of Cubes you use. So, when you use less, you pay less. Maximizing your space by loading high and tight and securing your shipment as you load are a great way to save money. Check out our how-to videos for some best practices.

Use professional moving boxes. Our boxes are professional-grade. They’re available in discounted moving kits and box bundles, and every order comes with FREE shipping.  Ordering boxes from the U-Pack Box Store  saves you money in the long run — better boxes mean better protection, which ensures your belongings travel safer and arrive in great shape.

Reserve online. It’s the easiest way to save! Reserve your U-Pack move online and we’ll automatically reduce your price by $25.

How to ship furniture

Follow these easy steps for a safe move:

1. Do some prep before shipping furniture

Start by gathering packing supplies like paper paddingstretch wrap, and moving blankets. Complete any disassembly by removing mirrors from dressers, feet from chairs and couches, and shelves from desks. It's important to pay extra attention to corners, weak areas, and polish or finishing as you pack. Check out our packing tips for more detailed instructions.

2. Load your belongings properly

Take care as you move your furniture to the moving container or trailer so you don’t damage the pieces or your doorways. For heavier items, you might find it easier to use Forearm Forklifts or a moving dolly. When you get your pieces out to the trailer, load them high and tight, taking care to stack them wisely. Place heavier things on the ground with lighter pieces or boxes on top. Read more in our loading tips.

3. Secure your furniture shipment

The most important step is securing your belongings inside the trailer or Cube. Use rope or ratchet straps to tie the furniture down using the logistics tracking inside the equipment. Doing this will prevent your furniture from moving around during transport.

Compare U-Pack to other furniture moving companies — get a quote!

If you’re ready to ship with U-Pack, click to get a free moving quote. If you have any questions about U-Pack or how we compare to other furniture movers, leave us a comment or call at 800-413-4799. We look forward to helping you figure out the best, lowest cost way to ship your furniture across the country — let us know how we can help!