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Cheapest one-way moving truck rental

May 16th, 2018 - 3:31 PM

Compare and find the cheapest truck rentals

Any bargain shopper knows that an easy way to get a lower price is to check multiple retailers. While the item may not be exactly the same from store to store, the cost savings may make a different brand the best choice. A one-way move is no different. Prices can vary widely from company to company, but the end goal is the same (getting your belongings from point A to point B). To find the cheapest moving trucks, take a look at a side-by-side comparison. 

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cheapest moving trucks for one-way moving

One-way truck rental comparison

Say you’re moving a one-bedroom apartment from Indianapolis, IN to Las Vegas, NV (approximately 1,830 miles) and want to compare prices from Penske®, U-Haul®, Budget® and U-Pack®. To find the cheapest one-way moving option, take a look at the total cost of each moving service.  

Note: prices can change daily and depend on a variety of factors (origin, destination, equipment size and move date). We used the rental truck fuel calculator to determine current fuel costs and the Indianapolis local tax rate of 7% for the tax costs. 

U-Haul truck rental rates

A 10-foot U-Haul truck was $1,474 for seven days and 2,171 miles. Add $112 for Safemove® coverage, $5 for the environmental fee, $714 for fuel and $111.37 for taxes. 

In total, that’s $2,416.37.

Budget truck rental rates

Budget offered a 12-foot truck for $950.40 for seven days with unlimited mileage. Add $321.86 for the Value Protection Package, $714 for fuel and $89.06 in taxes.

Altogether, the cost was $2,075.32.

Penske truck rental rates

The Penske one-way truck rental includes a 12-foot truck for eight days with unlimited mileage. The rental price was $1,144.80, plus $216 for the Limited Damage Waiver, a $9 environmental fee and $714 for fuel. Taxes came to $95.87.

The total price for the move was $2,179.67.

For this sample move, Budget was the cheapest one-way moving truck, but could U-Pack be even cheaper?

U-Pack compared to the cheapest moving trucks

U-Pack is a one-way moving option that’s easy and affordable. It’s a “you pack, we drive” service, which means you do some of the work, but your belongings are delivered right to your door. No worries about spending multiple days behind the wheel of a rental truck.

But how does the cost stack up? For the same sample move from Indianapolis to Las Vegas, the U-Pack cost was $1,996 for 7 linear feet in a moving trailer (which is similar in size to a 12-foot rental truck — learn more about linear feet). So for about $80 less than the cheapest one-way truck rental, you could move without having to drive. 

Wondering how your move would compare to one-way truck rental? Get a free moving quote and see. 

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