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Budget Trailer Rental

June 30th, 2017 - 8:46 AM

Things to know before renting a Budget® trailer​

There’s a lot to manage during a move — packing and loading household goods, arranging for new schools and jobs, and deciding whether to drive or tow your personal vehicle — just to name a few. If you think driving a rental truck and towing a car is the best bet, you may have considered a service like Budget® truck and trailer rental. This type of DIY move is often considered a money-saver, but driving a large rental truck with a trailer behind it isn’t a good option for everyone. Here are some things to consider before settling on a rental for your move. 

Compare Budget trailer rental options with U-Pack

Budget cargo trailers aren’t an option

Unlike companies that offer cargo trailers for extra loading space, Budget trailer rental is limited to trailers for vehicle transport: car carriers and tow dollies. Car carriers are for four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles, while tow dollies are for front-wheel drive vehicles.

Budget trailers have to be rented with a truck​

While a moving truck can be rented without a trailer, a Budget trailer can’t be rented without a Budget truck. In other words, neither a car carrier nor a tow dolly can be pulled with your personal vehicle. Make sure you’re comfortable driving a large truck with a trailer behind it before hitting the road for a long-distance move.

Towing a Budget trailer can reduce fuel efficiency

With truck and trailer rental, it’s important to budget not only for the cost of the equipment, but also for fuel. Towing reduces fuel efficiency — up to 1% for each 100 pounds of extra weight according to fueleconomy.gov. When considering the weight of the trailer, the belongings inside it and the car it’s towing, you can see how there’s potential for a big impact on fuel costs.

There are other options available

If renting a truck and trailer isn’t the best option, there are other ways to handle long-distance moving. Instead of driving the equipment, use a moving service that takes care of the transportation. With U-Pack, you pack and load, but we handle the driving. You don’t have to drive a moving truck — simply travel in your own vehicle or use an auto shipping service for your car. Either way, it’s possible to move without the stress of towing a trailer.

How U-Pack® trailers compare

You’ve already seen how DIY moving with U-Pack is different from moving with Budget, so now let’s compare equipment options. While Budget has rental trucks, U-Pack offers moving trailers and moving containers.

The trailer’s external dimensions are 28’ x 8’ x 9’. While it’s larger than the biggest Budget truck rental, there’s no need to worry about the size — just pay for the space you use, down to 5 linear feet, or up to the whole trailer. This gives plenty of flexibility when loading.

In most locations there’s also the option to move with ReloCube® containers. The external dimensions are 6’ x 7’ x 8’ and they sit on the ground for easy loading. Each Cube holds approximately one room’s worth of furniture and boxes. Use as many as you need, and pay only for what is used. And like with the trailer option, there’s no additional charge for things like fuel, standard liability coverage or taxes — making it easier to stay within a moving budget.

Compare U-Pack to Budget trailers

Here are five major differences in moving with U-Pack and Budget trucks and trailers:

1.No worrying about driving unfamiliar equipment. Driving a big truck can be a challenge, and adding a trailer behind it can make it more of a challenge. Let U-Pack handle the move and alleviate worry about maneuvering through traffic, breakdowns or trailer sway.

2.Having flexible space and pricing. Since you just pay for the space used, you’re in control of the costs. Need more space? Go for it! With U-Pack you know the cost for extra space ahead of time and can decide if it’s worth it (rather than being tied to a fixed-size truck).

3.Knowing the costs up front. Truck rental comes with several variables to consider: fuel, taxes, tolls and damage coverage. U-Pack makes it easier — no extra charges for things like fuel, taxes, tolls or standard liability.

4.Customizing your move. U-Pack offers the option of adding services like storage or guaranteed delivery to fit your needs.

5.Saving money loading or unloading at a service center. To save even more with a U-Pack move, load, unload (or both) at a local service center. Ask a moving consultant about this money-saving option.

Get a moving quote to check rates

With long distance moving, U-Pack is often just as affordable as truck rental options like Budget. Get a moving quote online or call us at 800-413-4799. Have questions about how moving with U-Pack compares to Budget trailer rental? Leave a comment — we’re happy to help!


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