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Budget Coupon Codes for Truck Rental

January 27th, 2016 - 9:16 AM

Will a Budget truck rental coupon save you money?

If you’re looking for Budget truck rental deals, you may be searching for a coupon code or online discount to save some money on your move. While you may be able to find an active coupon code, it’s important to understand what that code will and won’t cover. For example, you might locate a coupon for military or law enforcement, or another for AAA members, but those codes only cover the actual truck rental. You’ll also have extra costs for fuel, towing equipment, additional days and more. Let’s take a closer look and find out how to save money on your move.

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Expenses NOT covered by a Budget coupon

Unfortunately, even if you can track down a coupon code you can use on your Budget truck rental, it won’t cover all of your moving expenses. In the end, truck rental may not be the most affordable way to move after you add all of those extras. What expenses aren’t covered by a Budget coupon code? (For all examples mentioned, we used a sample move from Orlando, FL to Dallas, TX for a 3-bedroom home.)

Fuel. Even when gas prices are low, they can still add up, especially on a long distance move. Use our rental truck fuel calculator to see your estimated gas cost for your move. For our sample move, gas will be an additional $300! And of course, you can’t use your Budget coupon code at the gas pump.

Towing equipment. Since you'll be driving the rental truck, you may need to tow a vehicle behind the truck. Towing equipment is an additional cost and isn't covered by any of the Budget truck rental deals we found. Prices will vary depending on your vehicle and where you're moving to/from. Our sample move included towing a 2012 Toyota Corolla, which adds $222 for a car carrier or $112 for a car dolly. And don't forget that towing a vehicle will impact your gas mileage, costing you even more on fuel.

Additional days. Budget truck rental includes unlimited miles and a set number of days. If you need more time to move, you can purchase them for $70/day. Our sample move included 7 days, which might be ample time if you have plenty of help. But if you need more time to load, unload, and drive, you'll be paying extra for it. Any discount codes do not apply to additional days.

Liability coverage. Budget defaults to basic liability coverage and no damage protection for your move. If you want to protect the truck, your passengers, and your belongings, you'll have to add extra coverage. Budget has several options. However, none of them will be discounted with the use of a coupon code. For our sample move, we had the option of adding 6 different coverage options:

  • Supplemental liability $87.80 – protecting you for bodily injury and property damage made by others
  • Limited damage waiver $124.75 – covering damage to the truck with a $500 deductible
  • Physical damage waiver $149.95 – covering damage to the truck with $0 deductible
  • Personal accident and cargo $51.25 – provides some benefit if you or your passengers are injured, or if your belongings are damaged
  • Roadside assistance $54.95 – provides assistance if the truck breaks down
  • Auto tow protection $49.75 – covers any damage to your vehicle while towing

Taxes and Fees. Sales tax will vary based on your location. Budget also charges a cost recovery fee and energy recovery fee that are added onto your move. Our sample move included $88.24 in taxes and fees.

So how much will a Budget truck rental cost?

Even with a truck rental coupon, the cost of this move adds up fast. For our sample move from Orlando, FL to Dallas, TX for a 3-bedroom home:

24’ Budget truck (with a 15% coupon): $838.10

Fuel: $300

Towing: $222

Taxes and fees: $88.24

Total: $1,448.34

And if you need to add extra days or want to increase your liability coverage, your total will go up even more.

How to stick to your moving budget without renting a Budget truck

If that seems like a lot of money to pay when you have to do all the work (pick up the truck, pack, load, drive, unload, return the truck) – then check out U-Pack®. U-Pack is a “you pack, we drive” service that gives you comparable prices without having to drive. You can get a similarly priced move, but instead of spending days behind the wheel of a big truck, your belongings are delivered right to your door.

With U-Pack, we bring you a moving trailer or moving container. Then, you have three business days to load your belongings inside. We handle the driving to your new home, with most moves arriving in just 2-5 business days. You get three business days to unload, and we pick up the empty equipment. It’s a great stress-free alternative to renting a Budget truck.

To save you even more money, we’re offering a coupon code for $25 off! Just use the code BLOG25 when you reserve your move.

How do prices compare?

U-Pack rates include the moving equipment, fuel, liability coverage, the driver, taxes, tolls, and fees. It’s all inclusive so you can easily plan your budget. For the same sample move from Orlando to Dallas in a 3-bedroom home, check this comparison:

19 linear feet in a moving trailer (compares to a 24’ Budget truck): $1,697.

When you consider the time and stress savings, U-Pack is a great value!

Prices vary depending on where you’re moving to/from and how much you’re moving – so get a free moving quote to see how much your move will cost.

Questions about Budget truck rental coupons?

If you have questions about Budget coupon codes or moving with U-Pack, please leave us a comment. We’re here to help you plan your move. 


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