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Best Military Blogs

May 22nd, 2012 - 11:01 AM

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we're continuing to focus on military-related issues. Today, we're highlighting some of the best military blogs out there. People involved in every aspect of military lif are turning to blogs to tell their stories, share their opinions, report the news, and more.  Here are some of the best:

Official Military Branch Blogs

  • Air Force Blog – This blog is run by the public relations team of the Air Force and covers all news and stories related to the Air Force.  If you have a family member in the Air Force, or want to read heartwarming stories of heroes along with the current news involving the Air Force, don’t miss this blog!

  • Coast Guard Compass – The Coast Guard runs this blog and it features anything and everything that relates to the Coast Guard.  My favorite posts fall under the “Shipmates” category.  You can select to read these heartwarming, personal stories.  Don’t miss the “Life of a Service Dog” series!  Very touching.

  • Marines Blog – The content on this site comes straight from the Marine Corp!  Oorah! This blog features some awesome photography along with stories that will captivate you whether you are interested in the tactical news of the Marine Corp or the personal stories of Marines.  This blog has neat features like a poll and their Twitter feed.

  • Navy Live ­– This interactive blog delivers stories straight from the Navy itself!  You could spend hours browsing through their interesting posts about the 21st Century Sailor, or about the facets of life inside the Navy. 

  • Army Live – Blogging about everything from Army leadership to telling the Army story, this is a “don’t miss” blog if you are interested in the activities of our soldiers.  There is a wonderful section of the blog covering Army Values.  I enjoyed reading these stories showcasing the integrity and culture of the Army.

Military Family Blogs

  • Army Tanker’s Wife –  This blog is highly acclaimed for her view on being an Army wife.  She writes about her life, how to navigate being an army wife, along with her perspective on military news and events. 

  • The Role of a Father -  While this is a fairly new blog, it offers a really unique perspective.  Written by a former Marine who met his wife while serving in Hawaii.  Now he is a stay at home dad and military husband.  He blogs mostly about parenting, but we are excited to see where this blog goes in the future, as he really offers an interesting point of view on military family life.

  • Army Wife 101 – This blog is one Army wife sharing her life and helping others figure out the Army life.  She covers the gamut- military discounts, food, fashion, and more.  If you are, or if you know, an Army wife you HAVE to check this blog out!

  • Tips for Military Families Blog – This blog is on a mission to reach 1,001 tips for military families.  At this time, they are at 426 tips.  You absolutely can’t miss this blog if you are involved in military life in any way.  I mean, with so many tips out there, you have to find something helpful on this blog.

Service Member Blogs

  • A Soldier’s Perspective – Touted as “the web’s leading military blog since 2004” this site has evolved into leading commentary on all this military.  With sections including war journals, perspectives on current events, and even reviews on new weapons, this blog covers it all. 

  • Lt. Dan ­– Jenn, a member of the Army, shares her life on this blog.  You can go back through her old posts starting from when she enlisted, to her tours of duty, to her travels while on leave.  Her story is an interesting one.

  • One Marine’s View – Giving straightforward commentary, news, and perspective on the current military status.  If you are interested in combat news, don’t miss their “Combat Update” covering the current conflicts.

Civilian Blogs about the Military

  • Abu Muqawama – Written by folks at the Center for a new American Security (CNAS), this blog focuses on “small wars and insurgencies in addition to regional issues in the Middle East.”  This blog serves as a resource for anyone wanting to stay on top of military news involving the Middle East.

  • Military Weapons – Vehicles, battleships, and weapons! Oh my!  This blog is your headquarters for all things involving the tactical weaponry of the military.  With very detailed information, this blog showcases all sorts of weapons and the specifics surrounding them.

  • Paving the Road Back  - Written by a Virginia psychiatrist who helps veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, this blog seeks to help family members, the public, and professionals better understand PTSD and how to better help veterans returning home.