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Awesome Ways to Use Boxes for Home Organization

September 27th, 2017 - 2:37 PM

Organizing your house with cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes can be transformed into creative storage solutions for every room of the house. Find out how to easily make your own DIY storage with these simple home storage solutions.

cardboard boxes make great home organizational projects

6 Ideas for Home Organization using Boxes

1.      Covered storage boxes

Decorative boxes can be used to hold everything from towels in the bathroom to desk contents in the office. You can use them as pantry organizers to keep snacks together or in the closet to organize first aid supplies. Buying them at the store can quickly get expensive, but thankfully, making them is easy!

Cover cardboard boxes in various fabrics and materials to create storage boxes customized to your taste. Small moving boxes are the ideal size for this project. Here are some of our favorite tutorials:

2.      Drawer dividers

Keep drawers organized with dividers. You can make them to fit your drawers — just cut up a box, cut some slits, and assemble them together. This tutorial shows you how.

3.       Cord keeper

There are two different ways to use boxes to create a cord keeper. The first method is to use dividers like the ones above to make separate sections in a box or storage tub. Cords can go in each pocket to prevent tangling, and you can write on the cardboard so it’s clear what each one goes to. Another idea is to wrap chords around a flat section of cardboard. Cut slits on each side so you can securely wrap the cord around it. This method works especially well for Christmas lights.

4.      Hanging shelves

Create useful space in your closet with hanging shelves. Make use of the vertical space and store things like board games, accessories, or even folded clothing. Follow these directions using twine and boxes and create your own shelf. Use the directions above if you want to cover these shelves to make them more decorative.

5.      Shoe organizer

If you want to keep your shoes organized, create a shelving unit using cardboard. Using a large box or even a wardrobe box, follow this video tutorial to mark off and create your own cardboard shoe organizer. 

6.      Keep unusual items organized

Whether you decorate them or leave them plain, save a few boxes to store miscellaneous items. Use this tutorial to create lids for your boxes to easily organize user manuals, photos, greeting cards, recipes and more!

Have any other home storage ideas?

Are there other ways you like to reuse boxes around your home? Let us know in the comments! Our readers are so creative — we love hearing your storage ideas.

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