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24 Ft Truck - Just How Much Does it Hold?

March 9th, 2016 - 1:36 PM

Is a 24-foot rental truck big enough?​

That’s a tough question to answer. It really depends on how much you’re moving and how you load it. If you're moving a three-bedroom home, a 24-foot truck might work. Most trucks this size estimate holding a 2-3 bedroom home, but it depends on how fully furnished your home is and how you load your items. Figuring out whether your belongings will fit in a rental truck can be tricky, especially if you've never moved before. For some people, this size truck will be plenty of room while for others it's not nearly enough. Let’s look at the specifics of a 24-foot truck, along with ways to move without worrying about truck size.

24 foot truck

Who offers 24-foot rental trucks?

At this point, the only major truck rental company that offers a 24-foot truck is Budget Truck Rental. U-Haul has a 20-foot and a 26-foot, while Penske has a 22-foot and 26-foot. So if you think a 24-foot size is exactly what you need, your options are a little limited.

How much loading space am I actually getting with a 24 ft. truck?

The inside dimensions of the 24-foot truck are 24’ x 7.5’ x 7.5’ (lwh), with a capacity of around 1380 cubic feet.

If you’re concerned about the size, consider U-Pack®. U-Pack offers 28’ moving trailers with inside dimensions of 27' x 8' x 9' (lwh). U-Pack service offers flexibility with a ‘pay per foot’ structure, so you can use just the space you need. That means if you’re worried about fitting your belongings into a 24-foot truck, the U-Pack trailer offers more space availability. Just pay for the space you use!

How much will fit into a 24 ft. truck?

Since moves differ from household to household and everyone packs and loads differently, it can be difficult to say exactly what will fit into 24 ft. rental trucks. If you want to estimate your space needs, the U-Pack Space Estimator tool does an excellent job of providing a good approximation, which can be very helpful for knowing what to expect. We estimate that a typical large 3-bedroom home should fit into a 24 ft. rental truck, or just 19 linear feet in a U-Pack trailer. However, remember, that if you’re worried about making everything fit, that U-Pack offers you plenty of breathing room. If you run out of space in a rental truck, you either have to leave items behind, rent an additional trailer to tow, or unload and reload into a bigger truck.

What happens if I don't use the whole 24 ft. truck? 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, renting more truck than you need can be a problem as well. That's the problem with rental trucks: If you don't quite fill the entire 24 ft. truck, you still pay for it.

It's not a problem with U-Pack though. You only pay for what you use, so you never pay for unused space.

How much does it cost to fuel a 24 ft. truck?

Though this question isn't related to the truck's capacity, it is important info to know before you move (and truck size can actually affect gas mileage). Fuel is an added cost on top of the rental rate. Most 24 ft. trucks get around 8 MPG, which means on a 1200-mile move, your price to fuel the truck will be around $300-400. Even though gas prices are down at the moment, that's still a significant extra cost.

Consider U-Pack: the rental truck alternative

As we mentioned before, U-Pack is a great alternative to a 24-foot truck because of the "pay for the space you use" idea. But it doesn't end there. Customers love that with U-Pack, they don't have to drive. Your belongings are delivered from door to door, with most moves arriving in just 2-5 business days. It works like this:

  • We deliver an empty 28-foot moving trailer to your home.
  • You have three business days to load.
  • Load into the amount of space you need. Your price is based on the linear footage your shipment takes up inside the trailer.
  • Once you’re finished loading, your belongings travel to your new home, with most arriving in just 2-5 business days.
  • We can store your belongings if needed.
  • When you’re ready, your belongings are delivered to your new home.
  • You have three business days to unload.
  • When you’re finished unloading, we pick up the empty equipment.

To see how much your move with U-Pack would cost, get a free moving quote to compare. Remember that U-Pack rates include the moving equipment, fuel, transportation, taxes, and tolls. It’s a great way to move without having to drive, pay extra for fuel, or worry about truck size.

Questions about moving in a 24-foot truck?

If you have any questions about renting a 24-foot truck, or how moving with U-Pack compares, leave us a comment below. We’re here to help!


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