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10 Spare Room Ideas

June 4th, 2018 - 12:02 PM

What can I do with a spare room?

Not sure what to do with an extra room? The possibilities are endless — we’ve seen everything from themed guest bedrooms to a place to store a bowling ball collection! But while those ideas may fit your needs perfectly, we think these 10 extra room ideas will help create a practical, useful space in your home. 

10 ideas for an extra room

Instead of making the spare room a dumping ground for random items, make it into a room you’ll love to use. The direction you choose will depend on your lifestyle and interests, but one of these ideas is sure to fit the bill! Check out these ten different setups and get tips for creating a unique space.

1.    Create a home gym

at home gym

An at-home gym makes staying healthy a breeze. There’s no driving to the fitness center and no worrying about the weather for outdoor workouts. And because there are so many exercise routines available online or on video that don’t require much equipment (if any!), a home gym may be one of the easiest, most affordable things to do with a spare room. When designing a DIY home gym, keep these things in mind:

  • Carpet isn’t ideal for working out as it can hold sweat and stains. Hard flooring covered with a protective cushion, like interlocking foam mats, is best. 
  • A mirror can help ensure proper form. A large unframed mirror can be affordable and easy to install. 
  • An overhead or portable fan will help provide airflow. 
  • The TV stand should be placed so that there’s maximum room to move during a DVD or online workout. Make sure you can see the TV when doing exercises on the floor.  

2.    Organize a kids playroom

kids playroom organization

For families with young children, a playroom is a great solution for an empty room. Not only does it give kids a safe place to play, but it can help declutter the toys from other areas in the house. The first step in creating a playroom is to make sure it’s child-proofed. Anchor all furniture to the walls, and don’t put anything fragile or toxic in the shelves or closets. Once the room is secure, design it for maximum fun! 

Decorate with bright colors, or create a chalkboard wall where kids can be creative. Set up toys around the room, and create storage for easy toy rotation. Wondering how to organize a playroom? When it comes to storage, think vertical. Tall shelving or stuffed animal nets hanging from the ceiling can maximize the space in a small spare bedroom. 

3.    Create a storage room

storage room full of canned goods

While you do want to avoid the spare room becoming an unorganized mess, designating a room for different items is an easy way to solve storage problems in a small home. The design of this space depends on the items that need to be stored. For example:

  • For canned goods and paper products, line the room in shelves for easy access and use.
  • Holiday items can be stored in containers on large shelves or on racks that hang from the ceiling to keep them off the floor 
  • Collections can be showcased in a decorative display.

Depending on your needs, it may work to combine a storage space with one of the other spare room ideas. 

4.    Design a game room

game room with ping pong table

A spare room of any size would be perfect for a game room! Add a pool table, poker table, game console and TV, ping pong table or foosball table for a fun activity the entire family can enjoy. Or go a different direction and line a wall with vintage arcade games! All you need is enough room to maneuver around the game and perhaps a little seating for spectators. If there is any extra space in the room, try adding a table to put drinks and snacks on. 

When it comes to décor, this is the ideal place to show off your favorite team or hang up eclectic signs and items. Ambient lighting is important in a gaming room. There should be enough light to see, but not direct, overhead lighting that will put a glare on the television. Add blinds to the windows so lighting can be dimmed during brighter times of day. 

5.    Set up a sewing or craft room

craft room with sewing machine

Whether you enjoy scrapbooking, sewing, painting or another craft, having a room to work on projects can be nice. Three things are important for a craft room: the workspace, lighting and organization. 

  • The size of the workspace depends on the type of craft. 
    • For sewing, make sure to set up an area to cut fabric, create and design. 
    • Paper crafters may want several workspaces so things can be spread out to dry. 
  • With lighting, add overhead lighting, adjustable lights that can be directed to the workspace, and natural lighting (which can help with color matching). 
  • When it comes to organization, it depends on the types of supplies. Storage bins can work great for some people, but others may need cabinets or shelves. 

6.    Design a library and reading nook

home library with bookshelves

Turn an extra room into a book lover’s paradise with some bookshelves and a comfortable chair. A room with a big window for natural light would make a great library. You could even add a window seat to curl up with a great read. 

When it comes to book storage, practicality is important. While floor to ceiling book shelves can make a room look amazing, make sure it’s a usable space. You can add a ladder or only store things you don’t need to access on the high shelves. If you prefer the ability to easily browse the books, keep the shelves easily accessible and then decorate the space above with art or items that remind you of your favorite books. 

7.    Organize a walk-in closet

walk in closet with hanging clothes and shoe racks

Create the closet of your dreams with a smaller spare room. Use this space to store out-of-season clothing and items for the whole family, or use it as a daily dressing room. 

  • Hang clothing racks and shelving for folded items. 
  • Add drawers to store smaller pieces and shoe racks to hold as many pairs as you want. 
  • If this is a functional closet, consider adding a stool so you can sit and put shoes on and a hamper to hold dirty clothing.
  • A jewelry armoire or hooks can be great to display items and keep them in good condition.
  • Make the spare room closet even more functional by adding an ironing board and full-length mirror.

8.    Make a home theater

home theater with sofas and big TV

Have the ultimate night in by turning a spare room into a home theater. These types of rooms can be either extravagant or simple. The most basic set up just needs to include a television and comfortable seating. 

Make the space a little more extravagant with multiple levels of seating or with one big sectional couch. Another home theater idea is to swap out the TV for a projection system to get an even bigger picture. Add stereo sound, dimmable lights and a popcorn machine, and you’ve got your very own home theater.

9.    Set up a home office

home office with desk and big window

Not only does a home office allow you to be productive, it can also be a tax deduction. When choosing an extra room for a home office, think about the lighting:

  • For work that involves computer screens, add blinds on the windows to reduce glare.
  • For more natural lighting, place the desk in front of a window

Consider how you will use the space when designing the home office layout:

  • Need space for spreading out paperwork? Then a large corner desk may be perfect. 
  • Need a printer nearby? An extra table may be necessary.
  • Will you meet with clients? Make sure to add extra seating. 
  •  Have a lot of paperwork? Add file cabinets to easily declutter. 

10.    Design a music room 

music room with guitar and amp

Looking for a relaxing place to play an instrument? Add some sound-proofing foam to the walls and create the perfect space. Want to play the acoustic guitar with some friends? Then you just need a couch and some guitar stands. Play something else? Add storage for sheet music or recording equipment, if those fit your interests. Or create a music room the whole family can enjoy — set up a karaoke machine and sing your hearts out!

What are you going to with that spare bedroom?

Do one of these ideas sound like the perfect fit for your home? Let us know in the comments! Get more tips for creating the perfect space with these posts:

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