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Wrapping Furniture with Stretch Wrap

July 23rd, 2012 - 9:43 AM

Now you can wrap your furniture like the professionals do – with stretch wrap. The U-Pack Box Store just added it in two different sizes – the small stretch wrap, measuring 5 in. x 1000 ft., and the large stretch wrap, measuring 15.5 in. x 1,476 ft. It’s perfect for wrapping fabric furniture (like couches and chairs), wrapping hard-to-pack items like rugs, furniture, bed rails and electronic cables, and protecting your items from snags, scratches and soil. Stretch wrap is heavy-duty, clear plastic that clings to your furniture. Since it sticks to itself, you don’t have to worry about damage from sticky tape.

Here are tips for protecting your furniture with stretch wrap:

  • Clean your furniture before wrapping.
  • Remove any easily detachable parts including table leafs and table and chair legs (wrap them each separately).This makes furniture easier to move and less likely to sustain damage.
  • If you are wrapping wood or leather furniture, wrap it first with paper padding or furniture pads to allow room to breathe – otherwise condensation can collect under the stretch wrap and cause damage.
  • Use large stretch wrap to wrap large furniture. Simply hold the roll by the center and walk around the piece, letting the roll unwrap.
  • Pay attention to the corners while you’re wrapping – they can be easily damaged and can cause damage to walls and other furniture. For extra protection, it’s a good idea to first cover them with cardboard or foam, then wrap with stretch wrap.
  • Use small stretch wrap for keeping furniture drawers and doors secure. For example, you can pack clothing in your dresser drawers and keep them in place by wrapping stretch wrap around the dresser and drawer. It’s an easy way to pack efficiently.

Need more packing and loading tips or have questions about U-Pack’s stretch wrap? Leave a comment below or check out U-Pack’s moving resource center.