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Where Can I Find the Best Moving Discounts

March 21st, 2012 - 2:25 PM

Over two weeks of competitor comparison posts, we talked quite a bit about how to save money, time and headaches when you move long distance. We also compared rental truck companies to U-Pack Moving.

Even with all of this information, you might still question which company offers the best moving discounts (and who can blame you). If you haven’t already gotten a free moving quote from U-Pack, now’s a great time (it’s quick, and there’s no-obligation). Just enter your move information, and you’ll get a quote instantly.

If you still haven’t decided, here are some other considerations:

The moving discounts truck rental companies offer may not be as big as you think. Of course, every little bit helps – but don’t forget to add additional expenses like hotel stays, on-the-go meals, fuel costs, fees, road tolls and insurance to your rental truck price. Even the best moving discounts likely won’t make up for the extra costs that aren’t included in your truck rental rate.

What happens if you need more space? We’ve covered the different types and sizes of moving equipment available; from PODS® containers and rental trucks, to U-Pack’s moving trailers and ReloCubes®. So what’s the takeaway here? More room is always available with U-Pack, and you only pay for what you use. That’s not always the case with other moving services. There’s no need to leave items behind due to space constraints (unless you want to).  

Driving across the country is easier in your own vehicle. Let’s face it. Rental trucks are uncomfortable, and not ideal for traveling with a family. If you haven’t already, take a look at how U-Pack compares to Ryder®, Penske®, Budget®, and U-Haul®. Why make a long-distance trip in a rental truck when you can enjoy a mini-vacation together along the way, while U-Pack does the driving?

Now, here’s my shameless U-Pack plug: U-Pack offers convenient moving services at discounted rates – they’re comparable to truck rental (but you can subtract the hassle). Your moving quote includes fuel, taxes, road tolls, and the driver. And of course, I can’t write about moving discounts without offering one. Use discount code BLOG11 for an additional $25 off your move. To save even more, talk to a U-Pack representative about off-peak moving days and terminal-to-terminal moving options. Get a free moving quote online or call 800-413-4799 – we’ll be happy to help with your move!