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What You Need to Know About Moving and Gypsy Moths

By Josh J
March 14th, 2011 - 2:43 PM

Moving to California can be an adventure, but what do you need to know about before you make your relocation? In two words: gypsy moths. You may be laughing and thinking I am absolutely nuts. What would a moth have to do with moving? In truth, this little moth could determine whether or not you can complete your move to California.

A gypsy moth starts out as a caterpillar, which then turns into a moth. They are well known in the northeast, but can be found just about anywhere. According to California Department of Food and Agriculture, a gypsy moth can eat up to one square foot of leaves a day. They can easily destroy an entire forest. Can you imagine the devastation these little guys could cause to California's famous wine making industry?

You know what a gypsy moth is now, but you aren't moving a tree, right? These little critters can actually be found on many household items which are stored outside. Make sure and check your belongings for gypsy moths or gypsy moth eggs prior to your move. To find out more about moving and gypsy moths, start by getting a free moving quote. The state of California requires that a Gypsy Moth Checklist be completed and submitted before your items start traveling. When you're ready to move, we will provide you with the checklist and file it on your behalf to make sure your items can cross the California border without being held up.